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just tryn to find out what to do wans a xanax now on ativan

Y does the new drug not work they arfe 1 mg and my xanax was.5mg I don't know wat to do I took 12mg of the ativan an nothin HELP!!!
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sometimes it takes trial+error when it comes to meds also these types of pills take time to help regulate your symptoms and the side effects come and go how long have you been taking your pills and at what frequency do you take them the best thing i can say i s be patient ok :)
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Nate, atvan is diff than zanax, you canr go my MG size, there are lot other meds ,
depnding on what your needing meds  for.
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nate i was on ativan you have to give it time to transition and for your body to get used to it upping your dose is not a good idea cyourself because you could go into respitory arrest ativan in large doses affects your breathing and can slow it dow badly if you take to much talk to your doc maybe its just not the right med for you  be careful and good luck my friend
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