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My 8 year old boy testicles very small

My son is now 8 years old and his testicles are very small and I will say they are not growing at all since he is two years
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Hello and welcome.  Thanks for your question.  Most likely your son has regular annual check ups with his doctor.  At this time, they should perform a brief check of his genitals which is just visual.  I would ask at that time.  It doesn't appear you are asking about testicles that haven't ascended into the scrotum.  https://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/what-is-an-undescended-testicle#1.  This is not your concern, correct? That again is normally addressed if the testicles do not drop on their own younger than the age of your son.  That a doctor hasn't commented on this would be a good sign that he is actually normal and developing at his own rate.  But do follow up with your doctor at his next well visit.  
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Yes, I agree.  Have you discussed this with his pediatrician?  Likely it is going to be just fine.
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