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Do you think we could be carriers of some mysterious virus?

With all this coronavirus stuff going on in couldn't help but notice the similarities between our reactions and the virus symptoms. Do you think we could possibly beven infected with some sort of viruses thats f**ked with our cells?
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Yes.  The problem is without studies others do not understand.    How do they think television transmits?  Good to see someone thinking clearly
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5g microwave technology in my well researched opinion.  
yeast and mold grow faster on emf (yeast problems)
tight junctions compromised
(leaky gut)
dust is attracted by us
(like the back of tv)
oxygen gets displaced by us
temperatures rise around us
we cause pre-existing symptoms to flare up in others
carries your smell good and bad through glass and upwind
your methylation process has been altered and dna changed.

i mean dont believe me.   W.H.O and U.N. are telling us whats happening but no one reads anymore only the propaganda stuffed news . at this rate i may actually be alive to see us all turned into ip addresses.  on the bright side its better than not knowing.
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F*** the Joker that came up with this plan
Yes now others are realising that one can affect others even if he has no symptoms.. we know it as patm, others just as corona virus. But this havoc is very difficult to control if the whole world think like this. Life is not possible
I sometimes think I'm living in a nightmare because it's just so surreal, what have we done to deserve such harsh punishment. Must of been evil in our past lives..
Sounds like Karma to me .
If this was karma then we must of murdered somebody to equal this. I feel like I've been stripped of everything.
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