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The mind is a tool not everybody knows how to make best of, however with the right amount of work can cause patm to vanish, if sufficient and completely is a possibility. I know this because I got to that stage but this was only a temporary learning relief curve. We do everything with our mind; see, hear, touch, taste, smell. Had it not be in our sense to have mind we wouldn't be able to do all these things. At the moment we are all expecting reactions because we are already to second nature thinking it. We think it. This is important because if we could somehow overshadow these thoughts with other more satisfactory thoughts we could eliminate patm altogether.
Patm on its own is not idealistically realised as a true condition. This is because of everybody trying to reach their own ideas and conclusions about patms nature and origins.
My title was mind....because our minds designate to us that we have patm. It witnesses the patm reactions, it draws up conclusions. It's basically the oil in industry. Without it we wouldn't be discussing such and such.
All patm people seem to be on the apprehensive side of things in terms of social activation. This is nothing new or odd.
Before I get shot at, I have no where described patm a mental health issue where you need support from psychologist/psychiatrist etc. I don't believe this is a mental health problem but a minds difficulty.
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