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The PATM Cure is Here -- Part II

Hi guys -- hope your autumn/fall is going well, and you're ready for the holidays!

Some time ago I wrote a post called "The PATM Cure is Here."  In the post, I wrote about how I had been suffering from PATM for a few years, but at a certain point I stopped seeing reactions when I tried two main things:  saccharomyces boulardii (which helps fight candida) and brown rice protein powder (which heals leaky gut).  The post got a lot of responses, and in later years a few people gave testimonials about how brown rice protein powder greatly reduced their reactions.

Well, unfortunately, this past spring I started seeing some reactions again.  I think it might have been due to an antibiotic I took, which may have affected my gut lining (it doesn't surprise me, as I blame an antibiotic for my first battle with PATM).  Anyway, it really stressed me out, as I didn't want to have to through all this again.  I tried out several new supplements, and none of them really worked.  Then I tried out something else.  Reishi 415.

My friends -- I believe this is what we've been looking for.

A week after I started taking it, my reactions decreased again.  Another week later, and they were gone.  And a few months later, they haven't returned.  They are gone -- completely.  I don't like to use the word "cure," but I feel very strongly that this supplement may be it.  Here's why:

Reishi addresses the two main issues that I believe are responsible for our condition:  candida and leaky gut.  It does so by busting through the biofilms that surround candida and healing inflammation around the gut.  Because it tackles both of these problems, it is more powerful than just taking supplements for candida or leaky gut alone.

I know there may be concerns that it is a mushroom (and thus a fungi), but it is what you call a "medicinal mushroom."  Instead of feeding candida it competes with it for space, and also has anti-microbial properties.  So it's one of the safe ones.  The only thing you have to be careful of is if you are taking blood-thinning medications like warfarin (Coumadin and Jantoven) because it also has anti-coagulant properties.  You may have to avoid it in that case.  Also, a website says that if you are an organ transplant recipient or are on immunosuppressive therapy, you should consult your doctor first before taking it.

Now here's the important thing.  You can't just buy any reishi supplement.  Most of the ones on the market do not contain the actual mushroom -- instead, they contain a mushroom substitute called "mycelium."  Mycelium is not as strong as the real thing.  There is only one brand I've come across that I believe gets the job done.   It's called Reishi 415, and it is manufactured by a company called Real Mushrooms in Canada.  They import their mushrooms directly from China (where reishi has been used to heal a variety of conditions for centuries).  I cannot emphasize this enough:  IF YOU BUY ANY OTHER BRAND THIS MAY NOT WORK.

I've found three websites you can buy the product:

*The Real Mushrooms website
*A website for a company called Well Pet Dispensary, based in Colorado

Unfortunately, as of now the product is not sold in any physical retail stores.


*Buy the capsule version (90 capsules) and not the powder one.  The capsules absorb better.
*Take 2 capsules a day (at same time)
*Take the capsules on an empty stomach -- preferably when you first get up in the morning.  If you do eat food, try not to take it until 1 or 2 hours later, when your stomach is more free.
*It would be a good idea to take a Vitamin C tablet at the same time.  They help the reishi absorb better.  I take Vitamin C 1000 myself.  No one's forcing you to do it, but don't you want to give yourself the best shot?
*Avoid sugar as much as possible while taking it.  Again, don't you want to give yourself the best shot?

I am already anticipating some questions, so I'll answer a few upfront:

*While I was taking Reishi 415, I did not consume any sugar or added sugar products (cookies, cakes, etc.).  I basically followed the candida diet:  eggs/bread/tea (with stevia) in the morning; a sandwich for lunch (usually chicken or turkey); and chicken/turkey for dinner with rice (brown or white) and cucumbers/lettuce/tomatoes on the side.  I still largely follow that diet now as I think it is healthy, but I can eat sweet stuff occasionally and still have no problems.

*As for other supplements I took while I first started taking Reishi 415:  they included Calcium-Vitamin D, saccharomyces boulardii , and kombucha capsules.  They did not have anything to do with reducing my reactions, I just took them for general health/other stuff.  I still take them.   I haven't been taking the brown rice powder anymore.

*I still take the Reishi 415 as I know it can take a long time to fully heal leaky gut.  I don't know if I'll ever stop at any point, but I don't think my reactions would come back if I did, because I've been taking it for a few months.

If you want information discussing what I've said about reishi, Google the following articles (in quotes):

"Immune Boosters:  Red Reishi" (on The Candida Diet website)
"Is Reishi Mushroom Good for Candida" (on the Yeast Infection website)
"Reishi mushroom and Candida" (on the Fungi Health website)
"Reishi mushrooms fight yeast infections " (on the Nutrition Healing website)

I know people may be skeptical, but give it a try first.  At least two weeks.  I wouldn't have created this whole new post if I didn't feel confident about this.  Good luck!
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Went to the allergist today. She said shes never herd of anything like this and she's done it for 20 years. Guess I'm screwed.
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What you are doing is great Hopeful12345. The fact that doctors cant help us is complete ********. Its sad this disease. So many cases. How has nothing been done to help the people who suffer? Its so embarrassing at work. Im usually a bubbly lovable person..but I can feel tension..because I make people itch. I seem to affect males more than the females. Like you I make others itch their nose or back of their head. Looking forward to seeing other peoples experiences using this reishi 415....as if I don't find a cure soon, I'm going to go insane. Perfectly normal person, now on the verge of going AWOL. I need this to work :(. Doctors friends and family don't believe me...and this is very real :( This is the toughest thing Ive ever dealt with. Just typing this I'm tearing up. I hate this.
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Could you describe your PATM. How do people react to you. Thanks for your response.
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Hey ray, I don't get reactions anymore, as I said.  When I used to, I would get people scratching and rubbing their noses and hair.
Hi hopeful12345,

About reactions, did you have people coughing their lungs out or getting sick around you?

I feel whatever I am emitting is really bad and I am not so sure if it even originates from the gut or is it something that lives in the nose or skin.

Thank you for your time and gonna order the pills as soon as I get it done anyway.
Hey PatmSucks92, when I first got PATM a few years ago people did cough a lot (and felt hot) around me, but after I took my initial supplement (oxy powder) it cleared out a lot of the toxins and the coughing stopped.  Afterwards there was just a bunch of itching and scratching of noses, but I took brown rice protein and sacc boul and it stopped.   The reactions were gone for a long time, then this year people started itching/scratching again (but no coughing).  

I think it would be a good idea for you to try oxy powder before/at the same time you take the reishi, because it clears out a lot of those initial toxins that cause coughing.  You can get a bottle of 20 capsules for just $10 at Amazon, and try it for around 7-10 days.

As for your theory.  I think that we have an overgrowth of candida, and when candida dies it produces a lot of toxins (like 79 different ones).  I think we also have a leaky gut, which makes it easier for those toxins to escape through the gut and get into our bloodstream.  Because there are so many toxins in our bloodstream, they cannot all leave our body through the bathroom (urine and dumping), so they leave through the skin, which is our body's largest organ.   Glad you are trying the reishi.  Good luck!
I think PATM is caused by mold spores. I have a very clean house, hardwood floors, white kitchen and granite but live near the beach and have a crawl space. There's mold either in my vents or somewhere. The Air Doctor Co. tested my air and the spore count was severe even though I do not smell or see any visible mold. I bought an air cleaner by Austn and I hope it helps with the sneezing.
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Thank you hopeful12345, i think i can speak for all of us when i say that some hope is necessary with this Disease *cough*'curse' we all share, I will try it. Ordered the 90 capsule one :)
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No problem, PATMmm!  Good luck!
Ty, i hope it works ! i know everyone is different in some ways, I'll be back for results and tell you all if it worked out or not.
Okay, sure
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BTW -- if you don't notice any improvements the first week, it's safe to up the dosage.  The manufacturer I spoke to says it's okay to take up to 10 capsules total per day.  I would probably start with a lower increase, like 4 or 6 capsules in the morning instead of 2.
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Thanks Hopeful! I've been on this forum for a few years now and have tried other recommendations with no success. I'm going to place my order and keep my fingers crossed hoping that your recommendation will be different.
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Best of luck, Zetti!
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Hopefully ,

Did your body go thru any die-off symptoms?

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Hey Ray, the only die-off symptoms I experienced were waking up in the morning with mucous in my throat (which contained the toxins that the supplement was getting rid of).  I didn't experience any brain fog or rashes (although it might differ for other people).  I don't think I had that much candida because I had gone through a lengthy period without reactions before.  
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Thanks for your quick answer hopeful, I received my 90 day capsules today. I just have a quick question for you, how does Reishi 415 heal the gut? Thanks.
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I don't know all the scientific details, but The Candida Diet website I saw said that it helps by "boosting your immune response and reducing inflammation around your gut."  Good luck!
How do you eat bread on a candida diet? That is the first thing you should eliminate. No white stuff at all
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I placed my order. I'll let you know what if it works for me or not. I do have one question for you hopeful. Do you swallow the pill or take them as a suppository? Jk! Thanks for letting us know about this!
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I swallow the pill.  I'll never take a suppository, I've been through enough pain, lol!

Did you suffer fever while taking Reishi? I’m on my third day of taking only Reishi and have developed a fever. The good news is that PATM reactions are less and less.

Hi Ray, glad you are seeing less reactions!  I did not experience a fever while taking it.  I have read that some people said they experienced a rash that went away after a few days or so.

I doubt your fever is due specifically to the mushrooms, but if you continue to feel it, consider lowering your dosage or  taking a break for a few days.
Ray2502. It could be because the candida in your body is dying off. I read this is one of the symptoms. Also its that time of year. Prayers to everyone.
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I will say this very humbly .  I believe this issue is  h pylori related. It is cured by Mastic Gum.   Please disregard all my other posts. Many remedied fight this / provide temporary relief , but Mastic Gum is the way to go for long term relief.

I suffered with this for two plus years of pure hell.  At once point, I could make an entire airport break out in zombie like violent coughs and sneezes.

Many remedies helped, but only ever temporary , with lackluster outcomes.  Mastic Gum has cut it all down by 99.9% after two months of 4 capsules, twice a day .

There is a guy who sits opposite me who eventually became the ONLY person in the office who reacted. I have been gauging  progress with the amount of times he coughs each day. He is down to about 3 coughs a day which I cannot discern from his cold or my PATM.  Zero reactions in open air public places or public transport, Air Planes, etc. I think our personal items like bags and coats are contaminated with some mystery substance that came out of us .

The down the telephone thing is real in my experience, but place it out of mind since we do not have the resources to get to the bottom of that .

Furthermore, examine whether you have a dull burning sensation on the sides of your stomach or back pain. This is the H-Pylori. My stomach and back pain flared up when I started taking Mastic Gum and has since started to decrease. I take this as die off pains.

Mastic Gum is cheap and non prescription from health food stores, Amazon, etc.
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Did you take anything else or just mastic gum because I took it for 6 months with no improvements. Maybe we suffer from a different form of PATM.
Good Question !
Speaking concurrently:

1. Spirulina
2. High greade pro biotic capsules
3. Green Tea
4. Mustard Seeds
5. Aloe vera Colon Cleanse tablets

As I explained. I have taken everything under the sun in the past.  I feel that various products all had a cumulative effect to the point that by the time I arrived at Mastic Gum, I was around 75% no reactions .  I can literally feel where the infection is inside the stomach / colon area .

My immediate advice: Go to a Chinese grocery store and buy a good quality Green tea with brown rice , add that , increase the mastic Gum doses and see how it goes. I literally had beer and Pizza last night. Zero reactions today from my man sitting in front of me.
Well time to order some Mastic Gum aswell, is it any specific brand i should buy ?
imissjack, I'm happy that mastic gum worked for you.  That said -- if you think you have found a solution, it is recommended that you start your own post.  Otherwise it seems like you are trying to take over this thread with something else.  Just good manners : )
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I got my  Reishi today. I'll let you guys know what kind of results I get from it.
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It's my second day taking it and the reactions are reduced. It's hard for me to believe, but I know that it's not my imagination
I think Hopeful hit a grand slam with this advice to the forum. I hope this isn't a temporary solution, but so far it's working as hopeful said it would. Will update more later about my experience with this

Great news, Zetti!  But yes, you should wait for at least a week so you can be sure.
Gotcha, I'm just so excited that I'm seeing results.  
hello Zetti, did your body go thru any die-off symptoms?
No die-off symptoms. It's like someone turn the dial down on how people react to me. It happened pretty fast too, like the second day that I was taking the pills. You really need to try it for yourself so you can see what I'm talking about.
How's it going now? I'm seriously considering buying it!
It's working for me. Like I said before,    I get some reactions when I drink coffee, but it's nothing like before. I'm going to get on the Candida diet for a week or two to cleanse my system to see what kind of results I get now.
Zetti. Could you please update us? Would really help knowing! Thanks
I've been leaving comments here and there throughout this thread. I'm still doing good. Hopeful was on the money with his advice. The only time I get any reactions is when I drink coffee , which I'm addicted to. I drink about a pot full and the reactions I get aren't as bad as before the Reshi. I take a one a day vitamin and a digestive probiotic. Everything is a lot better than before, buy me even getting little reactions from drinking coffee proves that I'm not cured, but life is bearable and I can live with this without going crazy or isolating myself from the world. That's all for now. I'll update more in the future.
Love it. I too noticed coffee amplifies what we have. Its very acidic. God why the f*ck isn't their doctors helping us with this dude. I lost all hope in our medical field. My dermatologist told me to see psychologist and its all in my head. But seeing so many people suffer from this..its a relief. Thanks for the update. Hope it continues to work. My stuff comes tomorrow. Im hoping for the best.
Did you read my post about the Japanese doctors who had a female school teacher who has patm , and the test that they ran on her proved that patm is real? If not, Google Japanese doctors study patm. Interesting article and I think it hits home about one of the mysterious aspects of our condition. It's a good read. I'm glad that you ordered the Reshi. I hope it brings you the relief that you deserve.
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I am happy any time I read someone is doing something that helps them as it may help me and others. Thanks for telling us!
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No problem!
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Thank you very good information. I am from Asia but I will try it.

By the way, does Mr. Hopeful tend to sweat more than people?
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Hi ida0102.  No, I do not sweat more than the typical amount.

Thank you for your reply.
I will try it by all means when this medicine arrives.

Thank you for valuable information.
if more sweat then its due to anxiety.. try yoga.
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hello, is there anybody who got positive results with reshi or its just a hype
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I started taking it a few days ago and the reactions have definitely diminished. People aren't coughing or sneezing like they usually do. Hopeful is dead on with his advice. The only way you'll know for yourself is to order yourself some and see the results after taking it. I think that you'll be surprised like I was and still am.
Zetti, How many pills do you take and when?
I take two pills in the morning. I took four pills once to see what would happen and I kid you not, I noticed a reduction in people's reactions the same day. This stuff works fast. I wouldn't recommend it unless it really did work and I'm thankful that Hopeful was kind enough to share this with everyone.

Thank you for valuable opinion.
I get a reaction even when I wear a brand new clothes, I think that this will work.

Although each person, I think that there is no doubt that there is basically a problem in the intestines.

I suffer from mild hyperhidrosis, but most hyperhidrosis patients do not smell ...

I am looking forward to receiving this item.
By the way, do you smell and point out by others, are there any odds of body odor even if you improve your eating habits etc?
I don't think it's actually a body odor that we are emitting.  Some Japanese doctors did testing on a female school teacher who has patm and they found that she is emitting some type of skin gas that irrataes people. It causes them to cough, sneeze, and itch. All people have what we have, but only in small doses. For some reason we have elevated levels and the doctors are baffled as to why. Somehow they are getting her skin gas levels down to where they are manageable. You can read more about if you Google Japanese study of patm. To answer your question, no, it's not that we smell, but that we iterate them like an allergy. Just my two cents. I also know that our gut and immune system also play a role in our condition. I hope that helps even though it's not a complete answer.
I don't think it's actually a body odor that we are emitting.  Some Japanese doctors did testing on a female school teacher who has patm and they found that she is emitting some type of skin gas that irrataes people. It causes them to cough, sneeze, and itch. All people have what we have, but only in small doses. For some reason we have elevated levels and the doctors are baffled as to why. Somehow they are getting her skin gas levels down to where they are manageable. You can read more about if you Google Japanese study of patm. To answer your question, no, it's not that we smell, but that we iterate them like an allergy. Just my two cents. I also know that our gut and immune system also play a role in our condition. I hope that helps even though it's not a complete answer.
Hey ida0102, if you are suffering from body odor, you might also have TMAU (a metabolic disorder that I also got around the same time as PATM).  For that, I recommend you take kombucha capsules.  The best one is RAW Kombucha by Garden of Life (available on Amazon and the Garden of Life website), but you can also try the Pro Natura brand (also available at Amazon and Vitamin Shoppe).  Kombucha helps suppress the odor so people cannot smell it.
Thank you as always.

I was troubled about TMAU and made dietary restrictions and urinalysis at a Japanese university.
But the result is negative.
I have never been told that there is a smell of ammonia like a fish.
But I will also drink kelp tea together, thank you!
I'm not sure those tests are always accurate.  That said, good luck!

Thank you.
I also wonder whether the result of the exam is accurate, so after trying reishi I will do the same dietary restrictions as TMAU!
I will also test as soon as it arrives! Thank you very much!!
I received my pills yesterday finally, i took one before bed and then 2 in the morning on a empty stomach And im a little bit in chock.. i went to the store for grocery shopping just to check for (reactions lol)... And i Saw nothing, no ugly stares or sniffles, coughing or scratching face,nose etc. And the rest of the day pretty much same.. When i came to work later my colleague did not react the way he usually do, pretty normal overall.. Damn i really hope it stays like this now , i was so happy can you imagine ? After having this curse for more then 10 years, But i feel like i just got a "lucky" day.... Cheers
Great to hear, PATMmm!! Glad you got a break from the reactions.  Of course, you should wait until 7-10 days or so to ensure it is enduring.  Good luck!
Zetti how about the itching?
Reading all of these post is giving me hope. I'm getting emotional man. Thank you so much hopeful. I swear to you man to man. If this works for me. I will try to send you some cash for the holidays and the help. God bless your soul. PATMM keep us updated on your status. I just ordered my pills from amazon Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract by Real Mushrooms - 90 Capsules - Ganoderma Lucidum/Ling Zhi - Immune Booster. I will be updating my results.
No need to send any money, PATMisruiningmylife -- use it to buy gifts for your family instead : )
Thanks hopeful. I got my bottle today.  My dad dropped it off at work in the middle of my shift. I popped 3 of them on a pretty empty stomach. The reactions seem to get worse. Really hoping after a week things start to turn positive. I cant live with this ****. Driving me ******* insane. I want my normal life back =[. More updates to come.
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@zetti how z the things.. any positive feedback on reshi mashroom
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It's working. I only get slight reactions from people if I drink coffee, but nothing like before.
Good to hear that.. mine is arrived yesterday and it’s my second day of Reishi.. i don feel any difference... I am hoping for positive results
Be patient, you should start seeing a difference soon enough. Hopeful gave some good advice about what to eat when you first start taking the Reishi. Try to avoid sugar as much as possible and let the vitamins get an opportunity to really get into your system. Post about any changes you see here, because I'm curious as to how other's are doing on it.
I completely remove sugar from my daily routine. Finger crossed, hope reshi wil make a miracle.
@zetti- how z things. Reishi is not effective on me as you said..  already 2 weeks and I am not feel any difference.  Should I increase the dosage.. what say?
Are people still reacting around you? Hopeful said that it's safe to increase the dosage. It wouldn't hurt to give it a try. As for me I'm getting very little reaction from people. So far it's working for me.
I don’t see any difference, reactions are same as before. Do you take any other supplement with it.  when you take the tablet? First thing in morning, empty stomach??
Johny_help, sorry you are not seeing a change.  That said, different supplements may work differently with different people.  That's the way it is with all of them.  

Did you read my original post fully?  If so, you would have seen that I said that it is a good idea to take Vitamin C at the same time as the reishi (Vitamin C 1,000 if possible).  Also, it is best to take it on an empty stomach.  Also, that it is safe to take four capsules at a time (so if you are only taking two, try increasing the dosage).
I haven’t seen a difference after taking the relishi
Johny_help, I wasn't taking anything when I took the Reishi pill. I recently started taking  Digestive Advantage probiotic, because I mentioned before that I get some reactions when I drink coffee. I also take One a Day vitamins to help out. I'm not sure if it's that you and I have different diets or what (to be honest I've have been too self-disciplined with my diet lately), but there has to be something one of us is doing/ not doing which is making the difference. I can honestly say that I'm not cured, but I'm doing a he'll of a lot better than I have been in years.
@ zetti- I increase the dosage to 4 pills a day but no improvement in my case.  What type of diet you follow, let me know.
Hopeful12345- yes true I understand, past 4 years I don no how many supplements I took, room full of supplements. Still I not cure from this nightmare. In my case there is no odor only allergic reaction.
It’s very hard to sit in a crowdy workplace
Hopeful12345- yes true I understand, past 4 years I don no how many supplements I took, room full of supplements. Still I not cure from this nightmare. In my case there is no odor only allergic reaction.
It’s very hard to sit in a crowdy workplace
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Do you accompany this with probiotics? I read your post about brown rice powder and sacc. boull. (i've been taking the sacc. Boullardi pills for 3 days now), how long did that last before you were cured and how long were you cured until this spring?
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I took sacc boull with it and still take it now.  I think I took it with the brown rice protein for a few months before not seeing any more reactions.  It lasted for about two years before this spring.
Hi Hopeful12345: what kind of brown rice powder did you use?
Hey miriam_1986 -- it was Jarrow Formulas, the vanilla flavor.
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hopeful12345, thank you for your sharing experience and the time that you have take to provide us all other with this information. Very many thanks from me. I've just recieved my reishi 415. Whats your dosage on the 1000mg pills? Also I think I have TMAU is kombucha the only remedy for this? Thank you for you answer.
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Hey MrPatm, no problem!  For the Vitamin C 1000 I just take one tablet a day (along with 2 Reishi capsules, but you can try 4 Reishi if you are not seeing anything).  I have tried dozens of supplements for TMAU and kombucha was the only one that effectively suppressed the odor.  
I also tried mine but my reactons seems to gotten worse. How long do you need to take it and what kind of diet should you keep ?
Hi MrPatm
funny that you mention "I also tried mine but my reactons seems to gotten worse." I have the same issue as you, people that used to be "immune" to me that I've been close to coughed non stop last time I interacted with them (for many hours and both in/outdoors). Hoping the reactions will go down at some point.

This happened the first 2 days, have stayed isolated since, looking forward on seeing Reishi long term if it helps if this is just mass extinction of candida or whatever is behind PATM that causes lots of stuff to be released at once.
MrPatm, it was about 10-12 days before I started seeing fewer reactions.  You should see how things are around then.  If reactions still keep getting worse/not changing after three weeks, it probably doesn't work for you and you should consider not taking it anymore.
As for diet, I believe I described it at beginning of this post.
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If brown rice protein powder worked for you the first time, why didn’t you try it again?

I’ve been taking a different brand of reishi for a couple of months, another product without mycelium. Still get reactions.
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Good question.  I actually did try it again while I was trying out new supplements, but wasn't noticing a significant change.  It was only when I tried reishi that things clicked.  That said -- I still think brown rice protein powder is useful, and I know it has helped some people on here.

I'm curious -- which brand of reishi have you been taking?
I take Nootropics Depot reishi capsules. They have no mycelium and are organic, and I do feel that they’re potent, but not cured yet.

Here’s the amazon link:

Hey pheed76, thanks for sharing.  I can't really say why your brand is not working for you.  There don't seem to be many differences from Reishi 415, but who knows what differences there may be.  I do notice that while Reishi 415 specifies that it has greater than 5% triterpenoids, your brand does not specify how much it has.

Of course, as I said earlier, different bodies react differently, so it could be that you are not responding to it (due to other health issues, other supplements you are taking, your diet, etc.).  I still think it can't hurt for others to give it a try.
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I want to add. Applying coconut oil to my skin all over my body and hair, as well as digesting a little, has helped decrease my reactions by 40%. God Bless everyone fighting through this horrible disease.
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Correct product from amazon -Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract by Real Mushrooms - 90 Capsules - Ganoderma Lucidum/Ling Zhi - Immune Booster
Sorry to bother. Want to make sure this is correct! =]
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Hi PATMisruiningmylife, thanks!  And thank you for sharing your story.  I think a lot of people on here were sociable before they got hit with PATM.  It's amazing how a condition that makes you isolated can make you feel worse than a condition that causes you physical pain.  As humans, we are social animals so this feels unnatural.  

Thanks for sharing the coconut oil thing.  I'm sure some people here will give it a try.  And yes, that is the correct name for the product, though the shorter name is Reishi 415.
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2 Days in. No improvement. Praying.
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i got success the first two days , Then i noticed reactions came back :/ WTH is this '''disease''' for real , doesn t make any sense at all. Im so exhausted mentally
i know i will probably live with this for the rest of my life, Totally a normal person healthy and everything. Tried everything under the sun no help. And 'normal' people think they have problems huh? lol.
88Yeah dude. Its ******* bulls**hit. Im gonna try this brown rice powder crap. Than. I guess a stomach doctor and an allergist. My fathers trying to find a doctor who has herd and deals with this but what we have is rare. Its BS though bro. Look at all of the people who have this problem! We are treated as mental! I went to my dermatologist and shed a few tears when he told me I have some exzzyma and i knew it was more than that. When I told him i make others itch their noses constantly and itch..he said its all in my head. BS PAL! I wish it was! Three months ago I quit smoking weed and dropped a bunch of weight. I got a new good paying job and now this **** is preventing me from fully spreading my wings. IDK what to do. I pray every night before bed. I rather have cancer...at least i can get some darn treatment =[. Godbless bro
I am also mentally exhausted. Life is already full of stress this is a burden!
So the Reishi didn't work for you?
Zetti444: Nope just the first 2-3 days i think, how about you ?
It's still working. Minimal reactions when I drink a pot of coffee.
Im going to get some brown rice powder and vitamin C. If this doesn't help. Idk what will. Doctors say its in my head.
This is fu*cked. Im having my dad who's an attorney contact the CDC. This is bs no citizen should have to deal with this.
The CDC just gave me a list of Parasite doctors to see.  Funny thing is I never mentioned parasites.  I don't know I've been pushing for about 18 months trying to figure this out.  It's strange indeed.  It's funny how I can blow on the freeway and make the driver next to me slap his neck or bite his nails.  Where I'm at now far away from most people A deep breath makes the birds scream and so much more.  Even the ones on here think I'm crazy but no one else is really trying to figure it out. just diet diet diet. I at least know that's not the answer.   I try to keep from posting here and stay out of the way, but I feel for some of the ones here suffering like myself.  I have created a list of people last year and when I find out something I will distribute it.  Watch out for interference here.
The only thing thats definite, for ME. Is when I go to work on an empty stomach in the morning. People don't react. Guess I need to eat 8 hours before I go in public =[. And that ********. Im sure your not the only one who is going to the CDC. Crazy. =/
Same experience for me.
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Ive experimented a little. Whenever I go to work on an empty stomach. I get like 5% reactions. If that. When I eat, Everyone reacts. Just a thought.
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So you work too, do you get any mean comments from people or just reactions?

I tried skipping food and does not help me for some reason.

Thanks for the observation, 5% sounds like a dream to me.

Its tough though. You have to have nothing in your stomach. Honestly, I ate two hours before work today, only broccoli and a banana. A/C was out today and everyone scratched their noses off.  When I'm hot it definitely triggers. Idk why its just the nose. This is the weirdest **** ever. And F**k modern medicine. The fact we live in the USA and nothing can be done to help us....Im losing hope. Reshi isn't helping. Nothing really is. Only thing that I'm 100% on is anxiety causes it to go off more. And its so difficult not to get anxiety with everything. I have only got one comment. "Man i think something bit me because i cant stop itching"...I also caught a younger co worker saying oh its him..its him. lets get the f outta here...Sooo...Ive been to a dermatologist he said its in my head...LOL. Next I'm going to try a stomach doc, than an allergist. Im getting close to giving up. But I cant. I work so hard and changed my life around and god slaps me with a disease that no one but people on forums have herd of. Im dating this peruvian girl and she itches her nose all the time with me...lucky she has no clue...White girls catch on and dip. Im dying here man. Godbless all of you. We need to form some kind of group to get the government to help us. Im so fed up and drained and I am sure everyone is.
USA government won't help.  weed (smoke) makes it worse but helps mentally keep me going through the days.    I've met some people in Venice Beach .CA that believe this was intentionally given to us.  good luck to you brother
What do you mean? Tell me more. I smoked pot since age 16 and quit in October...thats when my symptoms started to occur. So weird. I change my life around and get boned.Godbless you as well.
send me an direct email.   well talk
Cant even leave my email for you on this dumb site.
Leave your email address in you profile and he can view it there.
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So the dermintoligst says i have Exczyma. I think this itching and "Red bumps/pimples" which I get knew ones every morning, as well as the feeling in my stomach I get. Its the feeling of when you chug a drink or eat food to fast. Anyone else have these symptoms with themselves? Id be happy if it was just happening to me, but making others react is driving my stress levels to an unimaginable level.
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Ur symptoms are similar to me. We do have parasite infections. It just manifested differently for us. Treat it and ur reactions will go down at least by 80%
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Hello Hopeful,

Can you tell how long you would suggest in taking this product?
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Hey ray, it's difficult to say.  As I mentioned, I stopped seeing reactions after two weeks.  But different bodies react to different supplements differently, so some people may need to try it longer to see a notable change.

I'm still taking it, because I know leaky gut can take awhile to fully heal.  I think that even if you stop seeing reactions, you should take it for a few months just to be safe.  But of course, it all depends on your budget, as it costs $35 a bottle.

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