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old member back again

i have patm since i was 18 years im now 36 so i suffered from this phenomena for half of my life was old member here left the forum for years

patm made me lose every thing i still live with my family have no job or money or any place to go

my life if impossible so very soon i will leave this world this is final decision

any one found real solution yet? how strange is your patm? do you think it's psychic phenomena?
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It's methylation problem.Read about 5 types of methylation problems-undermethylation,overmethylation,copper overload,pyrrole disorder,heavy metal toxins overload.We need balanced methylation and that's why is so hard.We are out of balance.When you get balanced you gotta control this balance.
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I understand the Methylation process as well as I can.  It's been my most studies process sense this whole thing started. Over 100 hours. I ha e good links if anyone is interested.   So if this is correct then you think nero transmitters are being expelled?   I only say that because it would be the only thing possible then in my case.  Its not a smell for me (unless i make it one) and the speed is instant (350 meters+)    and car to car on the expressway.  It 100% does not move like a gas.   And why is this just now coming to light.  does all the electric smog from Wi-Fi carry it?   Just questions mindspace.  I read and appreciate everything you write.
As I said at the beginning and will continue saying, no hypothesis is true until it is proven, then, in each hypothesis that presents my question is always the same; How is it explained that it does not discriminate the weather or the direction of the wind? How to explain the speed with which it expands? I travel on a motorcycle daily and paradoxically the PATM appears contrary to the direction of the wind, it seems a constant. It's inexplicable
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Hello strangelife2018,

I know how you feel because I have suffered for more than 45 years. I have a family and a wife that loves me.

You have a family that loves and supports you, you just have to find out how to control this disease or whatever it is.

We will overcome this PATM but we just have to be patient and let modern medicine catch-up.

I personally believe it is in the gut. Most health issues start in the intestines.

You have to do your part and avoid food that amplifies PATM.

Don’t ever forget that God loves you.
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question Ray2502...

Does yours travel instantly across long distances.  from car to car on the freeway?

I'm getting closer and you all should be secretly praying i don't give up.  If diet was the answer you all woulda figured it out by now.  frequency.  call me crazy all you want but if you have patm same as me you better keep praying for me in private.  I honestly  Hope your doing well. no one should have to go through this.  sick and dying is one thing. not being believed  is another.  
I also think it's a gut problem, mines really emerged after I took intensive antibiotics
Hello smellyorus,

Glad to hear from you. My mother who is still alive told me that I was on antibiotics for 6 months when I was only 4 years old. She that I had contacted TB and doctor said I needed to be on a very aggressive antibiotic medication to combat TB. I will always test positive for TB but I am not contagious.

How long ago did you take antibiotics?

@ray2502 When I was 17, I'm 20 now.
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Hello helpsavemykids,

I hope your doing fine.

The only strange thing that I have found out about my PATM is that it travels through telephones whether it’s land lines or wireless. It’s the weirdest thing. People start to cough and sneeze on the other line. Is that instant enough?

Other PATM’ers have mentioned this but didn’t believe until I put it to the test. I went a step further and used speakerphone and other people still had allergic reactions.

Somebody here mentioned that it could be related to sound vibrations coming from my voice which is a real possibility. Just don’t know..... there are so many variations of PATM that it is overwhelming.

Good luck with methylation process. I looked all that stuff up and I just don’t have most of those symptoms.

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Hey Ray .It's not so strange that is about through phones,Wi-fi,fast speed etc.The only thing that make sense is that methylation problems are related to electric signals and the levels of neurotansmitters like dopamine,serotonine etc.That is how PATM travels(through neurotransmitters and brain).Remember that PATM makes you to feel depressed.Remember that methylation problems leads to  some psychological problems because the important things in this process are some of the B vitamines like B9 and B12(their levels are important for psychological health and their levels also it's not good to be high),zinc,copper(copper is toxic),homocysteine(which is toxic amino acid),vitamin D,iron..I recommend hair test for levels of all vitamins and microelements .Unfortunately in my country there isn't such test.That is why I think that PATM is not only gut problem.Only methylation cycle make sense for me.Because it''s about heart,liver,brain and guts.And remember regular bowel movements everyday is a must.Plus I know a person who have PATM and high levels of copper which is copper overload.
Well said
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Has anyone tried NAC. on an empty stomach in the am every other day??
If so --- did it help?
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What is NAC?
Hello mindspace,

Do you still suffer from PATM?

I suffer from constipation which causes flactulance/and increased PATM reactions. But all of that is just a result of a bigger problem or the root cause of it all. I personally think that it is a gram negative bacteria like h-pylori that has migrated from the stomach lining to the intestines that is creating havoc in our digestive system.
I will be going to specialist to have a comprehensive stool analysis to see if anything is abnormal.

I have all the symptoms of gut dysbiosis including white tongue, bad breath, intestinal motility disorder. Have tried everything that doctors have recommended including this web site to no avail.

All these problems surface only when I eat carbs/sugar foods.

If I keep the food from fermenting in the digestive system then I can keep PATM reactions low. If i have low HCL, then i don’t break down the food properly when it is routed into the first part of the small intestine. Bad bacteria in the small intestine creates methane gas or if you have diarrhea then it produces hydrogen gas.

Like you said it’s imperative that we don’t let food sit to long in the intestines because it starts to rot and creates  gases and gets absorbed into the blood stream which leads to all sorts of autoimmune symptoms.

Normal digestive system usually takes food 3 to 6 hours in small intestine and 30 hours in large intestine with minimal flatuance and it should just be air and not stinky methane gas.

Low HCL in stomach will create burping that’s why it is recommended to chew food at least for 20 seconds before swallowing.

I just hope that I don’t have something that is antibiotic biotic resistance even though I would probably never take antibiotics again unless it’s a life/death situation.

Hey ray,

We have a lot in common. I don't have constipation but always have a ton of flatulence/bloating especially after eating. I was tested positive for HPylori a few years ago and took antibiotics to treat it but nothing really improved. PATM got worse. I also have the white tongue, bad breath. I do think it's our gut completely out of balance but the solution is hard to pinpoint. Supplements such as HCL have never helped my PATM. No supplements have helped me; maybe the placebo effect a few times.
Hey guys.I've tested for H pylori 2 times and 2 times was negative.My tongue is ok.What happens in the guts are the consequences after digestion- but there are thngs that happen before that.After round of antibiotics  I took in the past I had chronic diarrhea(I was undermthylated) and I was deficient in  B9(folate) and B12 and I took so much of this vitamins and I ate so much animal food  last year.And my b9 and b12 levels got high(which mean overmethylation).I developed strong tinnitus and neck pain (overmethylation ot pyrrole disorder are symptomps of this).That means that I should avoid b9 and b12 rich foods(but that's are so many types of food).B12 rich foods are diary and animal foods,b9 rich foods are cruciferous vegetables,citrus fruits,white rice,white bread,pasta,legumes,beans etc.Last weeks I was on low protein diet(that means I eat meat no more than 2 times per week,no legumes,beans and I avoid also cruciferous vegetables and citrus fruits).It's not easy but is better.For me constipation means first that you eat too much proteins(especially if you have foamy urine) and constipation,white tongue also could mean too much protein.That's why I recommend a doctor who knows about methylation cycle and not about only deficiencies but also overmethylation,pyrrole disorder(when we are oversupplementing) and the levels of  vitamins or microelements that are high which means too good it's not good.Actually too much protein(too much CH groups(methyl groups) is toxic.So in my case I have to lower the levels of this vitamins but it's hard(it's impossible without specialist).And when you get this balance you have to control this balance(not to eat again what you want).PATM means that you are out of balance and there is about 5 types of PATM problems that's why treatment should be individual.
Hello Mindspace,

Seems like you have an imbalance of gut bacteria. When we take antibiotics, we are killing every type of bacteria in our guts good and bad.

As you know there are billions of different strains of bacteria in the gut and when we take antibiotics then we disrupt the natural balance to break down certain types of foods depending on which medication you have taking in the past and the type of diet that you carry during and after antibiotic treatment.

It can take up to 2 years or more to be on a strict diet to have a normal working gut, that is if there is no underlying issue that is causing irritation, leaky gut to intestines.

Supposedly the function of the appendix is to replenish the intestines with good bacteria but if it’s been contaminated or it does not function like it should then we are re-infecting ourselves.

My wife is two years younger than me and she can eat anything, perfect health, could be genetic but one difference is she refuses and to her knowledge she has never taking antibiotics. Maybe just a coincidence but alote of people here have same story.

Hi all,

Interesting that you mentioned antibiotics, I had a very long antibiotic treatment with tetracyclone to treat my acne when i was 15-16, my PATM began at around 25 years old.
Hello smelly/Patmsucks92,

Antibiotics were supposed to be the wonder drug and maybe it was until the American diet and the antibiotic resistant bacteria/ viruses started to take shap in our society.

Doctors didn’t realize the damage they were causing to the public by just simply writing prescriptions for the smallest of health issues or maybe misdiagnosis.

PATMsucks may I ask how old are you?
Hi Ray2502,

Nice to hear from you, hope you are doing well.

"PATMsucks may I ask how old are you?"

I am currently 26 years old, I got PATM I think around 24-25 (I only remember noticing it around just before my 25th birthday.)

My PATM seems to have a smell because people comment on burnt smell/old onion/old booze (even though I don't drink), but when I make people cough and so on nobody smells a thing or blames me so that's a good thing I guess.

Try to follow a diet of no sugar, carbs and dairy and you will see instant results. It might not be permanent but at least you can carry along with your life.

Several years ago when  I had really bad PATM  reactions from people, I also emitted awful smells. I could literally smell myself. My wife would make comments like “do smell that” while we were driving in the car.

I think that PATM is a precursor to  TMAU but I’m not a doctor so this is purely my opinions. Just going by what I have gone through.

Merry Christmas to everyone.
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I do not know why we keep going back and forth on the subject, I read the writings and I see that they are still in it as in a revolving sphere, since in the previous writings it was mentioned that the antibiotics caused alterations and it is something obvious that causes intestinal alterations if it is used indiscriminately, no doctor will prescribe an antibiotic for you, the strongest antibiotics are used to eliminate cancer and other problems such as AIDS, for example, which consume as many stronger and stronger antibiotics fall or succumb to genetic alterations as for example, hair loss, malnutrition, diseases, etc., but, I wonder, has any PATMer already died of any disease contracted due to PATM? Well, according to my analysis; nobody died except that some opted or decided to commit suicide. To have; You or the majority who are here in the forum, seems to have abused antibiotics, or not? Because I read comments from previous years and I see that they constantly say candid candida or H pylori or some alteration of the intestinal flora, etc but that you yourself abused antibiotics, some even took high potential concentration extractions, So, why do you now blame antibiotics? If you abuse them themselves without doctors prescribing them? Where is the logic? I said from the beginning that they take antibiotics without the guidance of a doctor, I understand the desperation, but you also have to know how to deal with the problem, I am not a doctor but I know that I can not ingest antibiotics like that, let alone abuse it. , also this with vitamins or other supplements that also generate intestinal stability in the face of abuse of consumption, now you say that the cause would be the antibiotic? It may or may not be, we do not know for sure, and we will not know if we do not seriously investigate it, at least with the basic logic.

There are so many hypotheses that the own seems incredible, and just knowing that the doctor does not recognize, worse yet they say it is a mental problem, in itself, this generates certain attitudes and feelings ......... and we know that it is, then , we must think more seriously, start studying by our means even the most basic but they are logical and if they are not because you have to know how to prove in some way or another, otherwise we will continue in the rotating sphere without exit , just read a little the previous comments where now they repeat the same supposed cures to the problem, but after a while they emphasize that it does not work ............... ...
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No se por que seguimos dando vuelta y vuelta en el tema, leo los escritos y veo que siguen estando en la misma como en una esfera giratoria, ya en los escritos anteriores se mencionaba que los antibióticos causaban alteraciones y es algo obvio que cause alteraciones intestinales si esta es usada indiscriminadamente, ningún medico te recetara un antibiótico eternamente, los antibióticos mas fuertes son usados para eliminar el cáncer y otros problemas como la Sida por ejemplo, los cuales al consumir tantos antibióticos mas fuertes y potentes caen o sucumben en alteraciones genéticas como por ejemplo la caída del cabello, la desnutrición, enfermedades, etcs, pero, me pregunto ¿Algún PATMer hasta ahora ya murió por alguna enfermedad contraída a causa del PATM? Pues según mi análisis; nadie murió a excepción de que algunos optaron o decidieron suicidarse. Haber;  ustedes o la mayoría que están acá en el foro, parece que abusaron de los antibióticos, o no? Por que yo leí comentarios de los años anteriores y veo que constantemente dicen cándida que cándida o H pylori  o alguna alteración de la flora intestinal, etcs pero que a la misma ustedes mismos abusaron de los antibióticos, algunos hasta tomaron extracciones concentración de alta potencialidad, entonces, por que ahora culpan a los antibióticos? Si ustedes mismos abusan de ellos sin que los médicos les de prescripción? Donde esta la lógica? Yo desde un principio dije que tomen antibióticos sin la guiá de un medico, entiendo la desesperación, pero también hay que saber sobrellevar el problema, yo no soy medico pero se que de ninguna manera puedo injerir antibióticos así por así, mucho menos abusar de ello, también esto con los vitaminas u otros suplementos que también generan des estabilidad Intestinal ante un abuso de consumo, ahora ustedes dicen que el causante seria el antibiótico? Puede ser o no, no sabemos a ciencia cierta, y no sabremos si no lo investigamos seriamente por lo menos con la lógica básica.
For me methylation cycle does work.I'm about 95% PATM free and don't have smell problems which was opposite to about 2 years ago.That is a real progress for me.As I said in my country there are no specialists about this so I make it on my own and I'm glad about this.I believe in epigenetics.It really helps me.Definitely I know that tinnitus now is my main problem to beat PATM 100% but tinnitus is related to brain and some other things.Tinnitus is a symptome of other things-not a ear problem.
I believe in epigenitcs also.  They are
in the light right now because all the frequencies are breaking and damaging our DNA chains.  People are starting to see this
fixing typing error; I said from the beginning that they do NOT take antibiotics without the guidance of a doctor
arreglando error de escribir; Yo desde un principio dije que NO tomen antibióticos sin la guiá de un medico
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Eigenetics is a Fact
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Same here. Was apart of these forums a while back lost hope and wandering through the torment honestly. Was 16 when it started now 33. Tried everything suggested back then but never consistently, going to give it another go this time around. Hopefully someone and found something this whole time I have been gone.
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hi, I am from the Philippines, I have discovered myself how to temporary fight this kind of diseases.. I am a sufferer too for 12 years now, and just recently I have discovered that I can able to minimize the effect or reaction of the people around me, in office, and while I am inside the transportation, I noticed  that when I don't drink water or eat anything the reaction has gone or lessen,  I don't know why maybe because of the acidity of my stomach plays a big role, so I reschedule my meal, I don't eat and drink a lot in the office, I just do my heavy meal when Im already home,  I also reschedule my breakfast, I start eating my breakfast at 4am and drink water at 5am, also I noticed that when I consume oil, it gets worst, I mean the reaction will kick immediately and my nose will begin to clog. I have a wife, I don't know if she's already infected or not, but there are times that she also get reactions when she's facing in front of me, but a lot of times also that she didn't get some reactions such sneezing, cough, runny nose, perhaps she's already immune..  
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well if you ask me If I still have the disease, Yes I do, but it gets lesser reactions, compared before.. last year when I am inside the closed airconditioned room with roughly 4o people, there are 5 or 6  people starts to sneeze, clearing throat, dry cough. but today there are at least 1 or 2 persons have their reactions.  
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This is a story of glasters he wrote it 6 years ago.


to those suffering from "fecal body odor" - my story and cure c u r e z o n e . o r g 


I suffered from what this community calls "fecal body odor" from the age of 15-18/19. I actually think I found this message board all those years ago. I'm now 26 and 100% cured and never once have had a reoccurrence. I remember how my life was back then and how it is now and it is a complete turn around. When I finally figured out what my problem was and got to a place where I could sit in a room and have a normal conversation, be treated like a normal person, I literally cried of happiness. 

Around 15 years old, I started to get comments about odor. I wasn't sure if it was caused by me at first, but then after I kept hearing the comments, I became aware that it was me. Strangely enough, I couldn't smell it myself. 

As you can imagine or have experienced, the mental torment is almost unbearable. As a kid in high school, I was frequently in close proximity of a group of kids. After about a year of suffering through this, I became well known as "the kid who smells like ****". I had a small group of friends, who never really commented on it, but the signs were there - opening windows in winter, keeping a distance, etc. 

Since I couldn't prove it myself, I pleaded with my parents to go to the doctor. It wasn't till I was older that we actually started going to the doctor, and even then I think they didn't believe me. So I was stuck with it. After reading through a couple of these posts, I see all the same patterns. OCD about cleanliness, charcoal, strange rituals, enemas, colognes/perfumes, etc. I even remember trying to use bleach to clean myself. Dumb idea. 

I nearly always had a little bit of gas. Since I was afraid of the smell getting worse, I would hold it in and go to the bathroom to release whenever I could. I would never have any stains or actual ****/liquid, so I was perplexed as to what was happening to me. When I started going to the doctor, I got all sorts of random diagnoses - even one doctor said it might just be me growing up. What the f*** does that even mean????? 

I remember one especially humiliating day in my life, my Science teacher called a random seat reassignment. Everyone got up, and she called kids to their seats one by one. I started getting worried it was about me. When I was one of the last 5 or so kids, I got so ashamed my face turned beet red. To make it even more humiliating for me, she left one seat open in front of me, one seat open behind me and then put the class trouble maker in the very last seat. A kid in the class asked why they changed seats, The teacher didn't answer. One of the kids said "It's because x smells like ****". It was agonizing. Since it had been a while suffering through this, and being publicly humiliated was a common occurrence at that point, I felt like I needed to escape. I went home and was ready to kill myself. I went to the bathroom, filled up the tub, and got in with the knife. I sat there for hours. I couldn't do it. 

The most tormenting part of this period of my life was the psychological torture. Since I couldn't smell it myself, I began to try to confirm or disprove with friends and only the closest of friends. All I wanted was to know. When I was working with a good friend of mine, at the end of the shift, he openly said "Dude, you smell like ***." He told me about it and how everyone knew. He said it wasn't all the time, and sometimes it was much worse and sometimes it was just a little bit. I finally had someone be upfront with me about it after over a year of dealing with the issue. 

My symptoms: 
Odor - described as "****", "farts", or "it stinks in here" 
Inability to detect own odor 
Foul smelling stool 
A weird bubbling in my lower right gut after eating 

My (self found) cure: 
At the end of it all, no doctor was able to help. I tried all sorts of diets, but it was one in particular that cured me. For 6 weeks straight, I ate nothing but boiled chicken breast, white rice with no seasoning, egg whites, and green pea pods (low in fructose). My symptoms slowly decayed until they were completely gone. I started reincorporating things into my diet, and noticed them come back. Through the process of elimination, I had nailed it down to gluten. two years of suffering - all because of gluten. After completely eliminating gluten from my diet, I was cured. This is much more difficult than it appears, and it can't be half-assed. If you want to be free of this - it has to be 100% adherence without any slip ups. I'm sure if you went through what I had to go through, you won't have trouble finding the motivation to do this. 

My life is on the right track. I moved as soon as I could, and began a new life. I graduated near the top of my class, and I'm now working in NYC at a top consulting firm. This wouldn't have been possible with the debilitating and strange disorder I had when I was younger. I don't think I would be alive today had I been suffering this long. 

Please, if you have not tried it, and the above story/symptoms sound familiar to you, you need to try a 100% strict gluten-free diet. I would also suggest following the "zero-chance" diet I followed above to maximize your body's ability to heal. 

I felt the need to share my story and my cure. I don't expect it to be the cure all for all of you, but I know for a fact it will be the way for some of you. Good luck.
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To people going through PATM,try to take a lot of probiotics,drink lot of clean warm water and eat healthy a lot .. I hope this answer help u guys because it seems the effects of my patm started to lose its effects after 3 weeks(people still sneeze when I talked but there is no anymore a cough sounds).I believe the patm was actually a bad gas that was released from our stomach and we need to care for it.Hope this help u.
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