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why does it smell like i farted when i didnt?

I dont get.. I always had a problem with excess gas but It wasn't bad up until a year a go when I lived off junk food and smoked about 2 packs of cigs a day then I was farting uncontrollably...which is understandable aha but from there on it only got worse im almost 16 now and its like ill just be sitting there when this stank just comes out of nowhere and im positive its me becuz it happens wherever I go... it really blows man I tried eating healthier, cutting out pop from my diet, exercising, and I even started takeing gas relief pills but NOTHINGS WORKING!! smeh... its really taking a toll on my social life to I don't wanna go out and do things anymore cuz who would wanna be around a girl who farts all the time...ik I wouldn't so why torture my friends and a love life? yea right ive been told i gotta learn to love myself before anyone else can...but how can i with this lingering stench
sorry for the last part but do you guys have any tips for me? itd be Much appreciated :P lol
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Research and consider trying the Candida diet. Your food isn't getting processed fully and it sounds like some of this is coming out of the pores of your skin. You need to cleanse your body to help rebuild your immune system, and boost the acid in your stomach to balance things out so your food starts getting digested fully once again. The diet is hard, but if you stick with it you'll see that it does work to greatly reduce your reactions. You may lose quite a bit of weight if you do it so prepare for that. Good luck to you.
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Honestly, i eat whatever i want. Use to only get poultry and fish before PATM started eating beef again and my reactions are not as bad. I make sure i take more than recommended of garlic pills,  gas pills, and acid reducer. I also walk my food out especially after eating a big meal. PATM must have something to do with acid reflux, the immune system, and some form of gas. They all seem to play a major role in this "disease."
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