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He left.

I'm about 8 weeks pregnant with my first child and last night out of nowhere my boyfriend/baby's father left me. He said he felt "trapped" in the relationship.
I don't know what to do or handle this anymore. I don't know what could be going through his head when he made this decision. He doesn't even want to go to my OB appt with me now.
If anyone is in a similar situation please give me advice and tell me how you handled it.
I'm so scared I'm stressing the baby out. :(
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I had to deal with the sane thing. Unfortunately,  just give him some time I know it seems like us pregnant women have to deal with a lot but the baby father have to deal with things also he may be overwhelmed. And freaking out if its his first. Im 6 months and my boyfriend just started knowing how to handle things sad to say lol. Just let him know your there for him.  Keep your head up everything will be okay.
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Give him time usually all babys dads freak out at one point and need time to let it hit them and man up if he doesn't talk to you or show up in more than a week contact him and see what's up if he still does not correspond don't beg hel react sooner or later but be strong for your baby don't stress out and take it easy cause everything your feeling your babys feeling I went through kinda the same thing and I just try to think about how happy ill be when my babys finally in my armss . Hope that helped (:
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He sounds like a coward and I bet you're better off without him!!! So sorry to hear you have to deal with that
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Thank you ladies. Ive been doing my best to try to stay strong but I feel like all I do is cry. He seemed happy when we first found out like 3 1/2 weeks ago but idk what happened. I really hope he decides to change his mind and be there for me and the baby, but who knows.
Oh and Im 21 and hes 25 so you'd think he'd be responsible...
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Better he left now and not wait til ur 37 weeks like me.:( we will be ok tho
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Sweet heart the same thing happened to me only it was when he found out. I filpped,he told me he wasn't ready to be a dad and just couldn't handle it in his life. I was blunt with him and told him that is fine. But you will be paying child support. So you make the choice to be around or not. It took a lot of talking to my dad to not go beat his you know what. But you just keep calm and hope he wakes up at somepoint and steps up to be the father. If you need to talk more trust me I can at least talk I had the same situation. Best of luck dear and take care of your self and be strong for you and your little one on the way.
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That happend to me at 10 weeks.. I have stepped up as a mother to let him know about the dr apt but has not gone to one of them..all I can say when my girl gets older is I tried and I look at it this way its all on him and not me..but I wish u and your baby they best
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