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opinions on crying it out

My son is 6wks old and when he was a week old he started vomiting all his formula up and one day I laid him down in his bassinet and left the room for just a couple minutes and came back and he had puked about 3oz up and was choking on his vomit, and after that I started putting him in his car seat to sleep so he'd be in an upright position and wouldn't choke if he vomited while I was asleep. Well it turns out he had pyloric stentosis (sp?) and needed surgery and when he was 4wks old he had the surgery done and has only puked three times since but now I can't get him to sleep in his bassinet, he only wants to sleep in his car seat. I've tried swaddling him which works for a few minutes but he will start crying and screaming. I've also tried a projecter that puts images on the ceiling and plays music and he will lay there and watch it but as soon as it shuts off he starts screaming and it only plays for 5min. A friend told me to just let him cry his self to sleep but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Opinions please! I'm at a loss on what to do, I just want him to sleep in his bassinet.
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Its tricky, you need to just keep trying. I wouldnt be happy to leave my 6wk old to cry it out, I did it with my first son when he was a year old as he wouldnt sleep unless he was held, he woke as soon as I lay him down. It took me that long to be fed up enough to see it through and within 3 nights he learned to settle himself. Do you have a pram that baby lies in in the daytime? maybe if he gets used to sleeping in there with the motion of you walking, you could use that for a few nights and then start to decrease the motion which he needs to go to sleep and then use the bassinet? It is tricky, but you will just have to persevere until you find a way tk make it work for you both, you dont want to be using the car seat long term, I've been told its bad for their backs to be in them too long (and he will grow out it eventually!!) Good luck x
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I would prop his bassinet up somehow so he is sleeping upright like he's almost sitting. My bassinet has a thing that lets me prop it up like a seat. See if yours has that.
I personally don't like the cry it out method. Especially with a baby so young. Crying it out should be for a toddler, not an infant. I've read somewhere to not let a baby cry longer than 15 minutes. They need you for something and in his case it must be because he can't sleep. If you let them cry it out, they take in a lot of air and will in the end get very gassy and even more upset.
If he will only sleep in his seat then maybe just let him? Or a swing where he is upright a bit?
I'm sure you will figure it out. Good luck.
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In my opinion, all crying it out does is convince the child that when he needs something, his parent will not be there to take care of him.  No matter what the age, I would try not to give a kid that idea.  The suggestions above are good, try tilting his body as it is in a car seat.  The other thing is, make sure he is tired when you put him down to take a nap or to sleep.  Maybe the reason he watches the slide show and then cries when it's over is that he isn't really tired.
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6 weeks is far too young to be letting him cry it out. That will only make things worse. The projector could be over stimulating him, causing him to be cranky. Stop using the projector for now... Look for a lullaby cd or something to play softly for him. Not all babies like swaddling so he very well could just not like it. Don't give up! Just take some deep breaths and remember this will pass.
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Omg im having the same problem my daughter is 7 weeks in 2 days and she wont sleep in her crib either shes bin sleeping in her bouncy chair. She slept in her crib for the first 4 weeks then just stoped and would only sleep wen im cuddling her so i tried her in her chair and she slept like a baby and now she wont sleep unless in the chair. Im co.fused on wot to do because i cant listen to her cry for no more than 5 mins any advise.x
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He is crying for a reason. He is not old enough to comprehend that mommy isn't coming so i need to stop theory.
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You know, my doctor told me to start crying out method no earlier than 10-12 weeks old. I did with my first baby, but with my second, I couldn't wait and I started at 6 weeks old and my doctor thought it was way too early. It would be a hit or miss because at 6 weeks, they don't understand and they cry and cry....I would wait for another 2-3 weeks ( as bad as it sounds) , and keep trying at 8-9-10 weeks. You will see how much easier they learn at that age. I have to warn you-  they will cry for a while but it will get better if you don't give up. Two my kids have gone through it and they slept very well.
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