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Reocuring cough

Hi guys 9 weeks ago I had a small lung infection causing me to cough quiet a lot , Doctors eventually gave me some antibiotics  in wich I took two courses ... had an x Ray last week n all looks clear however I have have this consistent  annoying cough that is becoming deliberating n will not go away n seems to be worse but not totally restricted to warm weather , I have had STD , test done aswell wich at the stage are negative however my blood indicates a slight rise in my lymponides wich May be because of the original infection advice ???
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Coughs post viral infection can linger a very long time. Once the airways are infected, it can take many weeks to fully recover.  Here is some information for you to review https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/features/stubborn-cough#1.  But if you have been followed by your doctor, you can always check back in to see if what you are experiencing is a stubborn cough.  
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research nebulization of peroxide and saline it will kill viruses and bacteria and fungi.micrbiolgy dx will tell you all levels of whatever is in your sinsuses so you know what you are dealing with.
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