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Am i at risk for STDs?

Hi, this happened about a week ago.. 29th Sep 2015..
i had a protected blowjob from a prostitute.. i fingered her and licked/sucked her nipples... But although i wore a condom, she sucked and licked my scrotum.. Which is kinda unprotected... I did not insert into her but i rubbed against it and poked slightly. Just slightly. I actually thought im safe but just today 7th Oct 2015 i found that i had a very big bruise on my leg. Specifically my upper calf. And past few days i had constipation...
Are these symptoms of any STDs? If not, am i at risk of any? Do i need to get tested?

For now, i guess i can assume im safe from HIV. How about STDs?
Is there any STDs that are like HIV, take a very long time to surface?
This has really got me very nervous and worried.

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No risk, all that you did are safe practices. Fingering-no risk, nipple sucking- no risk.
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A Bruise is not a symptom of any std and the exposure you had was zero risk for any kind of std. My advice though is if the bruises get bigger or you got new ones without exposure to trauma on the site have it checked right away not because of any std but it might be a symptom of another medical problem. Hope this helps
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