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I have a question

Exposure was oral sex one time only  for 2 to 3 minutes with massage Asian lady (unknown status) more than 4 months now
I got panic after internet search and start PEP for 28days.
After pep I did hiv ag/ ab test  4 and 6 weeks post pep (8 and 10 weeks post exposure) was negative.
Did VDRL for syphilis 6 and 8 weeks post exposure was non reactive.
Then did hiv antibody 3rd generation  130 days post exposure came negative. Also hepatitis b surface antigen 130 days post exposure negative same for hepatitis c antibody . VDRL Also 130 days post exposure negative/non reactive .
Since exposure I do not have any symptom or complain related to genitalia region .
I got common cold one time and received for it amoxycillin 500mg three times daily for 5 days.
My question now is it OK TO resume unprotected relation with my wife ?
Thanks in advance.
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HIV is out of the question. You should forget about it. Hep B is out of the question as well (it is very rarely transmitted when you are exposed to saliva only).
Your syphilis tests results are also very conclusive and you had no symptoms, so, no worries.
But those are other STIs out there.
You never tested for chlamydia or gonorrhea. Since you had no urethral symptoms, those are quite unlikely.
You also had a low risk for HSV and HPV exposure, but there are no reliable tests for those.
Addressing to your question, I feel it is more of a guilt problem. It is better to seek professional help, if you feel your guilt is too heavy of a burdeb.
Your risks for STIs were assessed above, they are slim to none.
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Thank you.
Thanks for all medhelp team .. you are doing great jop in this scary internet world . Providing practical valuable information and advise .
God bless you all.
Amoxicillin is not a treatment for a cold. It treats bacterial infections, and a cold doesn't come from bacteria, it comes from a virus. If you were just asking the doctor for amoxicillin because you were worried about STDs and were using the cold as a pretext, while it's surprising the doctor played along, at least you know. But, if you didn't know, there is a concentrated effort by doctors to get people to stop taking antibiotics thinking they will have an effect on a virus, because they don't, and pretty soon antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria can develop. Don't take amoxi for a cold if you want it to keep working for the things it is designed to work for.

Good luck dealing with the guilt. As the above poster says, seek a counselor to talk to about it if the burden is too great. Counseling is super helpful.
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