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Is there any test needs to be undertaken after having an oral sex with a prostitute?

Guys, yesterday I happened to suck a prostitute's vagina for about 5 minutes continuously. I also could not control myself and licked her other body parts too because to me she looked very sexy and I have not had much of such experience in my life yet. Now I am carrying a bit of regret and worrying if the licking of her vagina with my tongue & mouth could transmitted any sort of bacteria or germs inside my body. Please help me! What should I do now?
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Guys please advise me. Doctors please advise.
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Regret and guilt are the main problem you seem to have because you do not describe any symptoms.  You received oral sex and licked her some as well, correct?  This poses minor risks for std's.  In the off chance the woman had gonorrhea  or chlamydia of the throat, she could pass it to you giving you oral. Herpes is another but this would be herpes simplex 1 or oral herpes.  Did she have any sores on her mouth?  And this is not very common to have happen.   Hpv and syph are considerations as well. But all are low risk.  In the absence of symptoms developing, I would not worry.  Doctors in the field usually do not recommend testing after a single exposure like this unless symptoms develop. And with regards to HIV, that is no risk at all.  General bacteria?  Well, not sure what you mean.  Could you get a virus from being in close proximity to another human like flu?  Sure.  You can do that at the grocery store too though.  Licking her is not really a risk and would not be of worry.  If you develop a blister or discharge, then go to a testing center. But I personally would not be very worried about your encounter.  Use a barrier next time though.

This is an older thread by a doctor that is famous in the field. Copy and paste for his thoughts on oral sex and testing.

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Thank you so much for your response.

I only licked her vagina with my tongue. I did not receive any sort of blow job kind of oral sex from her so I guess I do not need to worry even if she had sore throat. My only concern is if I happened to swallow any sort of virus or infected fluid through her vagina. I asked her post our engagement if she has cleaned her private part for which she said "yes" but I cant trust that unknown person who is into prostitution business.
I have not been able to figure out any symptoms as of now. I was just wondering if I should visit the doctor only post developing symptoms or what do you say?
Let me know your advice. Thank you so much once again.
It's just been 2days since the event happened. If not soon should I consult doctors after a month or two?
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Kindly advise me further because I am very worried.
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Giving oral sex on a vagina puts you at risk for oral syphilis and gonorrhea, but the risks are very low, lower than giving oral sex to a penis, because nothing on the vagina enters the throat like a penis does.

Syphilis isn't that common, and to get it, your partner would have to have a sore on her vagina.

You can get chlamydia orally, but it's very unlikely.

You really have no cause for this much worry.

If you want to test, you need a throat swab for gonorrhea and chlamydia, which you can get at 5 days. You can get a syphilis test at 6 weeks, but I would be very, very surprised if you had anything.
Thank you so much for your advice :)

I do not seem to have any symptoms developed yet and also based on your and GuitarRox's advice, I have decided not to go for any test as of now. I shall go for test after 6 weeks also because of few personal commitments. Is that sensing a fair idea to you? or can I move ahead without any test?
I think you can skip testing altogether. I wouldn't worry about a thing if I were you.
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