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STD or Prostatitis?

I have been suffering from aching pains at groin, penineum, abdomen, upper thigh and lower back areas for 3 months, more severely on the left.  It was a strange tingling feeling in my buttock, penineum and the back of my upper thigh at the very beginning.  I was suspecting that I got STD, I went to see my GP and he prescribed Vibramycin x 2 for 10 days at the same time did the urine tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea,as well as urine culture and urinalysis for me.  The result all came out negative.  After the 3 day I had taken Vibramycin I found a lot of small bubbles floating on my urine, especially the morning first one(even I used a sitting position, I am sure it's not caused by force).  I was scared so after then I have done digital rectal exams(2 times), scrotal and transrectal ultra sound scans and one more chlamydia as well as urine culture and nothing was found.  I also got painful erection at night (for 3 nights) around one month after one month I felt the pain, after then my urine stream seems slower and I feel more in frequency and urgency.  Urologist says I have nothing wrong as my prostate is small but the pain persists.  I have a few questions:

1) The chlamydia tests were urine tests done by TMA technique.  Is it a reliable and sensitive test?
2) Is it possible that it is prostatitis caused by STD but the bacteria is hiding somewhere that nothing is found in my urine?
3) Is it possible that it is prostatitis even I have a prostate in normal size and appearance?
4) What would cause foamy urine?  Is it possible that it's a reaction to Vibramycin?

I appreciate your advice.  Thank you so much!

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Answering your questions:

1) You should ask the doctor who ordered that test if TMA was accurate. My guess is that it definitely was accurate, and that there is nothing to worry about.
2) Doubtful. If the STD was in your prostate, it would have been screwing with your whole urinary tract as well.
3) Yes. My prostate is completely normal, and I have Chronic Prostatitis, also known as CPPS, which is not caused by sexually transmitted diseases.
4) The foamy urine could be your diet. I have this from time to time, and I have never tested positive for an STD. I've been on Vibramycin (Doxycycline) before, and it didn't do that to me.

I highly doubt that the cause of what you are experiencing is an STD. I recommend visiting a urologist again due to the the frequency and urgency, and explaining to him/her in great detail what you have explained to us on here.
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Thanks a lot for your advice!

I know that the risk for me of getting STD was quite low.  The timing of having these symptoms was just so matching... it made me panic.

My urine is like someone spitting on it, I don't know are they mucuses or bubbles, the texture of my urine becomes thinker.  I have never seen these before, they look terrible especially in the morning.  Do you have the same symptom for CPPS too?  Can you tell me more about your experience of that chronic prostatitis?

I believe I got prostatitis too.  Has any treatment been effective to you?
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did you ever resolve your symptoms?  I have the same frothy/bubbly urine in the morning and have chronic prostatitis for the past 8 months.   I have been on almost every antibiotic to no avail so far.

any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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