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Slow Burning after urination for about 1 hour, all std tests negative

I am having slow Burning after urination at penis tip since 1 year after unprotected oral sex.
I have been tested for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphills, herps and mycoplasma genitalium.

All test negative except Hsv-1.

Can burning after urination is a symptom of STD?

I never had any discharge or sores and perfectly normal urinalyses.

Can it be due to HPV?

Soon I am going to be married and I don't want to risk anyone's life because of my stupidity.

Please guide me here.
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Yes it can be std symptoms.
But u tested negative so we can rule that out.
Not due to hpv
Go check with a doctor
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I have taken 21 days doctrine, 20 days cipro, 1g azithromycin but there was no relief from the above medicines.

Can I definitely rule out STDs?

I consulted docs and they said there is no infection and it is probably CPPS.
Anyone here ! Please help...
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1) did u wait for 2 weeks after completion on medicine before going to test?
2) assuming u did, then u can rule out
3) ur antibiotics may treat some std, but there are still other std that requires other antibiotic
4) there should be more tests to find out what is the problem. Cpps needs ultrasound, examination of fluid.... Let ur doctor do the tests and diagnosis. Also, treatment given can be nsaid if it is not infection
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1) I waited 3 months after taking antibiotics, for doing the tests.

2) I did transrectal ultrasound and abdominal ultrasound too in May 2018, both showed normal results.

3) Cipro had side effects on me, I suffered from back ache and leg pain after taking it.

My doc has no answers to it. He says it is related to anxiety but I am not convinced.
I also have pain inside anus while sitting on hard surface since 7 months now.

Consulted a gastrointestinal expert and done colposcopy too but everything came normal.

I have tested almost everything. Looks like a end of road to me.
I am concerned about my wife, I won't be able to take it if she gets anything from me.
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1) u can rule out stds
2)Have ur doctor considered prostatitis as a possible cause?
3) Symptoms are very vague. Is there any other accompanying problems? Please describe.

Honestly, theres not much i can do. Your doctor has already done the relevant testings.
4) now, assuming ur symptoms are real and not due to anxiety, then we should consider other causes
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Yes two of the docs have said I have prostatitis. But it is difficult to accept as I don't have a week urine stream.

Also for mycoplasma genitalium, I submitted 50 ML urine instead of the 20-30ML requirement. I got a negative result. Is it reliable? Or should I test again?

Also I think mycoplasma is not transferred  through oral sex.

What other infection I could get from oral sex?
Also I was initial tested positive for e.coli when the symptoms started but even after negative urine culture, the symptoms still persists.
There are only two things I am facing
1. Burning after urination at tip of penis.
2. Swollen meatus in morning
3. Rectal fullness and pain while sitting after bowel moments

Also the test I was telling was a real time PCR test by quest diagnostics
It takes 3-6 months for Herpe test to come back positive otherwise it'll come back negative.
Go get tested for Hsv1 and Hsv2 if it has been at least 3-6 months and look at the numbers if they went up but still negative then re test in another month or so...if they stay the same IgG number then you can rule out Hsv.
I just saw that you came back positive for Hsv1. You can have Hsv1 on your genitals as well. lets say you kiss your wife then she jas Hsv1 and then she gives you oral...you can catch Hsv1 to genitals
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1) based on what i know ur symptoms are prostatitis as what ur doctor said. Traditional symptoms such as weak urine stream may not be present always.
2) mycoplasma test is reliable as they are likely to be doing a pcr culture so it doesnt really matter
3) it is unlikely to transmit mycoplasma by oral sex although it is possible
4) abiotic causes of prostatitis can be considered. Check with ur doctor
5) have u tested for trichomoniasis?
6) u should ask your doctor all these qns and your concerns
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Mycoplasma genitalium test was not a culture test, it was a DNA PCR test.

Does the fact that I never had discharge rules out mycoplasma genitalium infection?

What are the abiotic causes of prostatitis?
Any views?
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1) my typo error. Sorry.
The test is conclusive.
2) it does not matter whether there is discharge. Some people wont have symptoms. But since your test is negative, it means u dont have myco.
3) might be neurological in nature, related to muscles... The list is endless and you have to consult your doctor for the different causes of prostatitis. I cant help much as i dont have much knowledge on the prostate gland.
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