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Whitehead pimple on groin area, could it be STD?

Hi Doctors and friends, I am 24 yrs male who had sex intercourse with a escort girl 19 days ago. We had no-condom oral sex and protected vaginal sex. Today when I was showering I discovered a whitehead pimple/acne on my groin area. I didn't pop it or do anything.
First, I've always had the problem that my genital sometimes feel itchy and I had to scratch it. But I can't remember if I had whitehead pimple thing on the area. The pimple looks similar to what people have on the face.

Q. Is this a symptom of any STD?Like Herpes?
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White pimples that your describing would be considered a pimple not std. I say this because of the location as your groin area did not make any rubbing contact with her mouth or genital area.
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It's been 20 days but I haven't noticed any other symptoms. I did VDRL and Chlamydia and GC test at 14 days. I haven't got the results yet but should I do another all tests at 28 days?
Do you shave or trim the area that the pimple is in? It could just be a clogged hair follicle from that.

Your gonorrhea and chlamydia tests are conclusive at 14 days. Your VDRL isn't conclusive until 6 weeks. A pimple-like sore isn't a symptom of syphilis, which is what the VDRL tests for. Syphilis would give you a round, painless, open sore.
No I don't shave the groin area. It just appeared all of a sudden. It's not itchy or pain.
For the syphilis, does the sore itchy or burn of any kind? Where could it possibly appear?
Syphilis is a painless, round sore. You can google images of it. It doesn't itch - some people miss it because they don't feel it.

It appears at the point of entry - wherever the bacteria entered the body. If she had a syphilis sore on the roof of her mouth, and performed oral sex on you, you might get a sore on the head of your penis.

Syphilis is uncommon in most places, though, and it's not something I'd really worry too much about. It definitely doesn't look like a whitehead or pimple.

There is no STD that typically appears as a whitehead or pimple. Sometimes, a pimple is just a pimple.
Great that's a relief. Thank you!
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