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Worried... Itch, dry skin, penis thigh anal area

About 4 months ago i noticed a little flat lighter colored bump (really shallow... and not pimple like) on the circumcised part of my penis. It didnt bother me or anything and i thought maybe it was hpv or a dry area of skin. about a month and a  month and a half/ 2 months ago it began to itch and I noticed a few more little areas popped up in the same area... all really hard to see because they were barely lighter and nearly the same level of my skin. It dosnt hurt like Herpes does and its not sore except from where ive rubbed it a little too much and has been with me longer than the typical herpes outbreak. I have no discharge from my penis... my thighs also began to itch shortly after but no bumps... being gay anal intercourse is frequent and a few weeks later the area around my anus began itching... the area around the bumps seems to be very dry as if the water has been sucked up out of it but its not loosing color or flaking... just dry skin. I have been tested for aids (thank god San Antonio offers free testing) and am negative. I am very financially in the hole and cant afford to go to a doctor and am saving up for it.... but having this thing on me that i dont know what it is frightens me... Please if anybody could help me it would be greatly appreciated... Symptoms havnt happened anywhere else
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Is there an std clinic you can go to?  What about the place that does your HIV testing?

This sounds like it could be warts.

Here is a link for clinics in the San Antonio area -


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thank you... any other comments would be AMAZING thank god there is a place i can ask these kind of questions...
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