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Urethra itch

Hey guys,

A few weeks ago I asked about an unprotected oral exposure.  However lately I'm experiencing some sort of random urethral itch.  It's not painful and haven't noticed any discharge or sores around my penis.  

Could be that I'm masturbating too much?  Also, I'm kinda feeling dehydrated.  My urine is extremely yellow.

Help is greatly appreciated !

Thanks !
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Itching alone isnt a symptom of an STI and your reasoning behind the possible cause it correct. Too much masturbation can cause slight trauma which causes an itchy feeling as it heals. Potentially along with being dehydrated could upset the same area due to a slightly lower Ph.

Personally I wouldn't worry but start drinking more!
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Sorry didn’t see your reply while I typed mine out. Sorry to jump in.
Every answer is appreciated !
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I agree with just about everything here. Mostly, you're dehydrated, it seems like, so increase the water. Do that today.  Continue that.

And the advice to not squeeze for discharge is important. If you have discharge, it will just be there. You'll never have to squeeze to get it.

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Possible nothing to worry about here, firstly oral sex is a lower risk activity it’s not zero risk and infections do happen. But at a lower rate than vaginal or anal sex. Some STI are very rare from Oral your risk are as follows.

Gonorreha - possible the most likely from oral sex, it seems well suited to the throat and that means probably quite easy to pass both ways. The good news Gon in the male Urethra is most likely symptomatic and obviously so, pus dripping from the penis and most likely burning on urination. The onset is typically fast too (5ish days) so chances are (and I’m not classing a mild itch as a symptom) you are in the clear.

Chlamydia- seems to rarely infect the throat, and when it does it seems more of than than not it’s none viable. So it’s rare to get chlamydia from oral, it happens but not readily. Chlamydia has a much higher chance of been symptomless though. But even so 50% of men will most likely get discharge in the first two weeks. Combine the low risk with not having symptoms I’d say you dont have chlamydia but depending on your concern the only way to be certain (same for Gon) is to test, the tests are a none invasive urine test and very accurate anytime after a week. I personally wouldn’t test after one exposure, rather just look for symptoms. But nobody can say your risk is zero so it’s reasonable to seek testing.

Syphillis - another one that’s fairly low risk. Depending on your partner Syph is rare in most developed countries and pretty inclusive in the male sex with male community thus if your unprotected partner was male the risk is slightly higher (but still low) the first symptoms of this is a fairly obvious sore at site of contact (your penis) if you don’t get one of these within what 4-5 weeks you most probably didn’t get Syph. NB most undiagnosed Syph is when the sore is hidden this is most likely in the mouth, inside vagina or the anus. It’s normally quite obvious on the penis. Again nobody can say zero risk but depending on your partner it may be reasonable to seek testing, it’s a blood test and can be done probably after 6 weeks but most providers recommend 12 weeks. If you do get a sore, this can be swabbed for quicker diagnosis.

HSV - herpes, absolutely recommend against testing for this. The tests are crap and more likely to be false. If you do test it would be off you got blisters and swabbed. If it’s been more than two weeks without painful blisters you can safely assume you did NOT get HSV. Also you are probably only at risk for HSV-1 the cold sore type (mouth) if you have had this as a kid your immune in your genital region so again risk free if that’s the case.

HpV - fairly rare from oral. Especially the wart type and the others are harmless no test exists and will clear on its own. So no worries.

NGU - this is a mild infection of the urethra. No symptomless test exists and if you did get symptoms it would be discharge and perhaps painful urination: if you get discharge it would have been in first two weeks and you go to the docs for a swab. NGU from oral is generally believed by most experts to be absolutely harmless to yourself and any female partners (if not Gon, Chlamydia or MGen (not at risk for Mgen or at most very little risk).

I don’t think I have missed anything. Please don’t be alarmed by my list. It’s long and it’s wordy but the bottom line is. You are probably ok. I wouldn’t test but if you chose to it’s easy to do and will provide closure.

Please feel free to follow up with me if need be.
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Hey guys I appreciate your answers and thanks.  In fact that's what I was thinking. Sort of masturbation is actually causing the itch - dehydration is causing further urine concentration - a good mix to itch haha.  As for symptoms - haven't seen any discharge.  I tend to squeeze my urethra in the morning to check for discharge which possibly amplifies the itch.
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Please - do not, repeat DO NOT. Keep squeezing for discharge.
The discharge you get is obvious and dosnt need to be squeezed out.
Anything you do squeeze out would probably be normal anyway.
Further squeezing could cause Ureathitus on its own. Confusing things.

Unless you see it naturally or staining on underpants you haven’t got discharge.

Thanks !
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