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Worried about contracting STDs

Hello, I recently had protected vaginal sex with an masseuse from an Asian parlor. The woman was possibly in her 40 - 50s. Here are the sexual details. I sucked on her nipple. She placed a condom on my penis with her mouth then proceeded to give me a blowjob. I penetrated for 3-5 minutes. The positions were doggy and one position where she lies down on her back with legs up while I stand. I did not cum at all. However, there was a moment when my penis head(no protection) touched her vagina lip, it was for a couple of seconds. Also I lied down on her for a couple of seconds as well but stopped that rather quickly. I'm so nervous about this interaction and will never do this again. This happened yesterday so obviously I don't feel anything yet but just worried. Do you think I contracted STDs? Even HPV? Thank you.
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Since you had protected intercourse, your risks for STIs are only theoretical.
Unless you develop symptoms, which is unlikely, I wouldn't worry or do any testing.
Your only possible risks are herpes, syphilis (wouldn't worry) and HPV. But those risks are about equal to the risk your being bitten by a rabid dog while jogging in the park.
Your anxiety is much bigger a problem. You should probably address it first.
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