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receptive oral scare


-I(man) received brief oral(30 seconds) and gave oral(20 minutes) 5 weeks ago with a woman(not a sex worker). We also made out for several hours without any penetrative sex, but slept nude together where Im sure my penis touched her vagina/anus. 3-4 days later I experienced a slight discomfort/tingling inside the base of my penis. No pain while urinating or discharge.
-1 week after the event I visited my doctor and told him I was experiencing discomfort. He tested my urine for bacterial infection and white blood cells, but not specifically for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea and said everthing looked fine. I was prescribed a one time dose of 1g Azithromyacin at my request.
-2 weeks later I was still experiencing this slight discomfort and went back. This time it was suggested it could be Prostatitis and I have been referred to a urologist, which will be in quite some time. I was also prescribed a 2 week prescription of 100mg doxycycline which I finished last week.
-I went to an STD clinic the same day I finished the doxy to get STD testing for(HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Mycoplasma) testing(blood/urine) done just in case. My results will be in the next few days.They say the results may be false/negative due to the doxy and would still like me to get tested 4 weeks later regardless if these upcoming are negative.
-I had some strong pain in my right testical the day after finishing the doxy but just that day. I now have had some slight pain in my lower abdomen for 3 days along with the same irritation in my penis that seems to still be deep in the base with occasional tingles/mild pains closer to the tip. Although never at the tip. I've had no discharge, painful urination or frequent urges to urinate during all of this. but I know something is wrong and it's not physiological as my doctor suggested.

My questions are:
1. Do my symptoms seem STD related?

2. Is the clinic accurate in saying the doxy would cause a false/negative?

3. Wouldn't the drugs I was prescribed most likely have cured most infections minus Gonorrhea?

4. Does 5 weeks post exposure seems a little long for symptoms of the above mentioned STDs to last consistently without change(especially considering the antibiotics I took)?

5. Could my occasional use of cocaine contribute in some way to this?

Thanks in advance.

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1. No
2. Yes
3. Including gonorrhea
4. Yes
5. No
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Thanks for input Vance2335. Are you a Dr?
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No, Dr's don't answer here. You have to pay to post in expert forum.
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