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Am I ok or is it emergency need

Tuesday I went to a girls house and we was playin she really grabbed and yanked and twisted my nuts cool, I didn’t feel the pain wayyyy later, but after the play time we had sex but I think it was only for a min or min and 30 secs cause I hadn’t masterbated in a month or 2, and so later the night I got in the shower and noticed my balls where killing me and it appears that my penis shrunk. I instantly freaked and my left testicle hurted that night. Now it’s Saturday after the doctor ran an X-ray on me and saw good blood flow so it wasn’t a emergency I get my nuts untwisted but today it’s Saturday and I masterbated, didn’t hurt when I bust but a min later around my penis head started to swell like the first time I masterbated. It went down but my left testicle still hurts sometimes and idk why it appeared the little line down my shaft is twisted. A day ago I felt these bumps by my balls I believe they were ingrown hairs cause I squeezed and pimple like pus came out of them. But what is this should I go to a doctor again....I have been taking the ibuprofen as needed but my penis even when not erect still looks swollen, but no burning and the itching cooled down after I took a shower after 3 days due to inability to touch my area. Is this an STI or what is this because I’ve never had complications like this before!!!!
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This has been answered for you a number of times already.

It's not an STD, and if you still have pain, you need to follow up with your doctors.
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I’m sorry I’m just 17 and had a lot of anxiety about the situation as I have a diagnosis for it. I jus didn’t wanna jeopardize my ability to father children cause I have a lot of life ahead of me
I understand the anxiety around this, but we would tell you if you had any risk for an STD, I promise.

It's been almost a week. If the pain lingers more than a couple of days longer, follow up with your doctor.
Also, an X-ray can't show blood flow. Did they do an ultra-sound? Was it a machine that had a wand that they used on your testicles, or did you sit on a table and the staff member left the room every time they took an image?
No Mybad it was an ultrasound. They had the lil strange gel for it to and I had to lay down on the bed while they did so. That’s where the good blood flow came from
Yep, that's an ultrasound.

That's a good thing. It can find any cancer, varicoceles (varicose veins in the testicles), look for swelling, find any lumps, etc.

If they didn't find anything, that's a good thing. It can rule out some really serious stuff.

Here's more on testicular ultrasound - https://www.healthline.com/health/testicle-ultrasound#uses

Ok now I have one last question on this discussion, now my mom is in this urgent care and I use the restroom, before all days I jus been thinking about girls and I’ve been aroused all day but I haven’t gotten close to touching any girls just talking, wen I use the restroom in the urgent care my woody goes down and I jelk it and the first time it was a lil bit of inbetween white and clear fluid, I’m thinking woow then I pee and it doesn’t hurt or nothing, after I’m done peeing I do it once more and it was clear, it’s been a week since my last sexual encounter on the dot. Should I get checked out or is it because I’ve been aroused all day thinking about girls?
That sounds like it might have been pre cum.

Seriously, if you have to LOOK for symptoms, or milk or jelk your penis for a discharge, it's not an STD. If you are still concerned about injury, follow up with your doctor.

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Hi symptoms of stds like gono or chamydia would be a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating that would appear about 7 days post exposure. What your describing appears as an injury from her grabbing you and also a bit of anxiety. Have a doc check you again if that would ease your concerns.
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Thank you I had had pain about my left but it come and goes and I been taking ibuprofen for it. It is kinda still swollen and tender to the touch they ran an X-ray on it and said it still has good blood flow in both of them so idk why it’s still swollen any reasons you can give me.
If your testiclas have an injury it could be causing more blood flow to your penis which appears as swollen.  any type of movement down there could cause sexual arrsoul increasing blood flow
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