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So I showed my doc a few bumps on the shaft of my penis, which I assumed must have been warts. He sprayed them with liquid nitrogen, as well as some of the surrounding area (rather carelessly if you ask me). There was some serious swelling the first day, which has since greatly improved, and now I just have a really dark patch of skin about the size of a penny in that area. Very noticeable, and worse than what it looked like before, but im sure it will improve with time. I had the procedure done 2 days ago.

I have two main concerns:
1) I never formed a blister after the treatment. From what I understand, this is a bit abnormal. Any input?
2) Does cryotherapy often leave scarring? (responses from personal experiences would be greatly appreciated)
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I've done the same thing to my genitalia, due to what I think are warts or fordyce's spots on my shaft. This was just a few days ago and it's bruised and purple right now. It's been over a month for you now I see... how has it healed and did the warts come off?
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you need to give this time. the nitrogen gives you a burn on the skin and your skin has to go through healing from it.  

yes this can cause scarring.

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