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I have written before on this but more detail developments

I originally had a oral only exposure in Early October 2014 with a SW. Performed on me a male.

I started feeling some urethra discomfort and post void irritation

18/11/14 Full set of tests inlcuding bloods, urine,  no urethra swab . All Negative

returned to have a normal sex life with long term partner after this diagnosis

14/1/15 Return clinic Chlamydia Gonohrea tests including oral swabs no urethra swab - All Negatie

Long periods of anxiety and checking and still some sensation of post void irritation/drip but this comes and goes

28/4/15 Revisit clinic - urine samples and I ask for Urethra swab haven't urinated for 8 -10 hours pre this (first thing in morning) and told some white blood cells so NGUNSU  present not sure how high a level prescribed 7 days Doxcycline Urine tests come back negative for Chlamydia and Gonorhea
Take full course

Extremly anxious start using condoms with partner, she has 1g azithromycin but no symptoms of anything ever

9/6/15 revisit clinic urethral swab clear, full set of urines taken for CT, Gon VT,  all Negative

1/9/15 Another set of urine test - includin MG UP, Syph, Chlamydia, Gonohrea - all clear

Clinic now refusing any other treatment and have been reffered for mental health  for anxiety!

Not having regular sex with long term partner. Causing us difficulties.

Some days I feel OK, and others I can feel a discharge upon urination, worse with a bowel movement, irritation persists in urethra on some days,

Can anyone think what else could be causing this after a year 5 sets of tests?
Where else can I turn to other than the mental health/anxiety route?

I'm not dreaming this stuff up. Up till tis point last year my life was ok, don't do the crime if you can't do the time, but I wish I could get this resolved and move on, i'm spiraling down into s dysfunctioning state.

Any help would be much appreciated

oh forgot a vasectomy in  Jan 15.

Thanks for your attention to this
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Hi, if you  google vasectomy side effects, it may be causing your issues. When we have drip urination issues you should have your prostate checked as well.
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