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Lymph nodes on body after Sexual exposure

Hello on 13 feb I had a encounter with a massage girl I take body to body massage and then i fingered her after that she came on top and rub her vagina on my penis after that she pick my **** nd start rubbing on her vagina trying to put it in but I squeez back so that she can't take it in no penetration as far i know because I squeezed then dry kisses on cheeks nd heads and handjob while protection is on, i am little confused while she is rubbing my dick on her vagina that time my protection is on or not assuming it is not there, after 16-17 days i have lymphs nodes on my righ thigh and arms but I have already lymph nodes on my body way before this encounter but now I see 2-3 new nodes want to know is I can get any sti from this and any this symptoms matchs with any sti your reply will be very helpful for me
Thank you
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In your post in the HIV forum, you said you had a condom on.

That means you had no risk for anything except possibly herpes type 2, HPV and syphilis, and those are low risk.

There is no STD that would give you swollen nodes on your arms, and if you have a condition that gives you swollen nodes, you need to see your doctor. Most of the time, we are not good at diagnosing our own swollen nodes, and need a doctor to do it.

With no symptoms at this point - no sores or anything - I wouldn't worry. See your doctor about your lymph nodes. They are not related to an STD or HIV.
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