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Protect sex with woman work in my house

I had protect sex with woman she work in my house 2 times all protect with condom after first time I had bad sore throat and Hoarseness after tow month after second time I had like fever and sore throat again I’m really scared can you please help me
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Well, that sounds a lot more like covid, the flu or some other kind of virus or something like strep, and not an STD.

Did you give her oral sex? If you didn't, you wouldn't have any oral/throat symptoms.

You should see your doctor since you have a fever. My guess is that it's not an STD.
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No I don’t only protect sex
Do you think symptoms of hiv ?
You can't get HIV when using a condom. I don't think it's that.

See your doctor.
Thank you so much auntiejessi
You're welcome. :)
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