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Questions about risk from touching

28, 240 lbs and 5’ 10”, Male, no medicine prescribed, non smoking

I meet up with someone Monday (7/25) that said she’s been clean and got tested 8 months ago. She seems pretty honest. However, I’m having major anxiety that I’m not sure is making me think I have symptoms.

So this girl and I meet up because we were both in the mood and didn’t want to wait until we wanted to meet up on our talked out date. I was sucking on her one nipple only and playing with her vagina (the finger did go inside but I didn’t have any cuts or sores on my fingers). She moved her underwear and maybe touched her vagina. She gave me a dry hand job with the hand I think she moved her underwear and maybe touched herself. I may have touched my own penis with the hand I used (but I can’t remember) to finger her. Then I used my own saliva to finished off in her mouth but didn’t get a blowjob or touch her mouth. Do I have any chance of a STD or am I just freaking out? I do have a slight amount of clear fluid I can see down my shaft and eventually when I move the opening around my finger is a little wet so that’s why I’m thinking I got tested too soon but that was happening when I got tested. Maybe the anxiety is causing this extra sensitive.

* Friday (7/29) I went for a urine test and it came back clean but I’m thinking blood test is next??I’m not sure if I went in too soon or not… but I’m thinking I should retest again. I’m also not sure if the viruses die outside the body as we were in the car that had no AC on so it was getting hot, the sun was sort of hitting us… just worried is all. Will never do this again…
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There is no risk here at all.

STDs are not transmitted by hands.

The only way to get STDs are:

* oral sex - your mouth on someone's genitals, or their mouth on your genitals
* direct genital to genital contact - this is unclothed vagina to penis, penis to penis, vagina to vagina contact, or penis to anus contact. If penetration isn't involved, some intense rubbing and grinding without clothes on needs to happen.
* anal sex - penis in the anus penetration

I'm not sure why you have such anxiety about this, but anxiety and/or guilt doesn't equal risk.

Here are some posts from our experts (when we had them) that may help -





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
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So these symptoms might be anxiety, uti, or something else?
The only symptom you mention is the clear discharge. When do you see that?

Clear discharge is normal in the morning, and after having a bowel movement. Clear or slightly milky usually indicates no sign of infection.

You did test too early if you had a risk, but you didn't, so it's fine.
https://ibb.co/12QCYQ0 That’s what I’ve been seeing at times
So it looks like you are squeezing, or milking, your penis to get that discharge. That's not actually discharge then.

Discharge from an infection is there when you do nothing to get it to appear. If you continue to milk your penis, it will cause irritation, and then you'll be freaked out by those symptoms.

Let things alone, and you'll be fine. You had no risk.
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