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Risk of STD from this encounter?

I'm a straight 29 year old guy and I'm very hypochondriac. Today I was with this girl and I fingered her for a bit with latex gloves on. Afterwards, I washed my hands with water and soup and then a bit of alcohol, and then I even used hand sanitizer. When I got home I used hand sanitizer again on my hands. After about 4 hours I masturbated myself. Is there any risk of contracting a STD from this encounter? Like genital herpes or syphilis?. Thank you
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There's no risk here. Even with the absolutely minuscule risk for herpetic whitlow, you had gloves on, preventing that from happening. I've never seen a case of syphilis infecting hands.

I hope you are seeing a counselor and/or a psychiatrist for your hypochondria. It sounds pretty severe.
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Thank you for the reply! Yes, I am. I'm even taking medication but sometimes these thoughts invade my mind and it seems that I can't think straight..it's like my rational side vs my emotional side.
I'm glad you're getting help. I know it's not always easy, but you're addressing it, and that's really important. :)
Thank you. But just to be clear, I was asking if there was some risk of passing something from my fingers to my genitals because of my masturbation, not if I could get something on my fingers/hand. No risk, right?
None at all. :)
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Absolutely zero risk here.  You had gloves on, you washed your hands and 4 hours had passed.  There is ZERO chance that anything could have survived all that.  Zero.  There's more chance of you winning the lottery whilst being struck by lightening  on the day you're named president of the USA!  I'm not making light of the situation, I know all too well how you feel
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Thank you! I'm much more relieved with that answer
Just to be clear. I was asking if there was some risk of passing something from my fingers to my genitals because of my masturbation. No risk, right?
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