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Trichomoniasis and condom use

I had sex with a sexworker and wore a condom. Now she squirted a few times but it never got on my penis or my urethra just my balls and groin area. The condom was not broken yet i believe it might have rolled a few cm at times and i might have got some of her fluids on the base of my shaft. After intercourse i showered. Just put of curiosity would i get an std like gonorrhea and chlamydia and trichomoniasis from this encounter?
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Wearing a condom is very important and I'm glad you did so.  This greatly cuts down on risks.  The std's you mention would be eliminated with the condom. There is a very slight chance of skin to skin std's such as herpes or syphilis but in the absence of having any symptoms, you would not need to test since you used a condom.  The probability of an std is very low with condoms.  
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Ok this is a relief but what about female ejection? Is it possible it can carry infection? I don't hear much about it to tell you the truth
And now thinking about it idk if any of her squirt could have gotten on my penis or in the condom
her 'squirting' was likely urine.  But either way, it doesn't impact your safety.
I agree totally - there is nothing that increases your risk more if she squirts than if she doesn't.

https://www.thrillist.com/sex-dating/nation/female-ejaculation-is-squirting-really-pee - This is about what female ejaculation is, and it's a short, but really informative paragraph in the middle of the page.

https://www.outsmartmagazine.com/2017/09/ask-dr-laura-vaginal-squirting-and-stds/ - this is about 2 women together, but it explains the risks about female ejaculate and STDs.

It wouldn't have gotten in the condom. That's anxiety talking.

Ok this helps. Just out of curiosity i heard that trich disappears in men who have it, is this true and if so why doesn't it disappear with women?
I'll be honest. Trich is one of the most frustrating infections, because there is so much conflicting info on it. Some very reputable sites say the infection goes away in men, others say the symptoms go away in men, and honestly, I just don't know.

If I had a woman who had it asking questions, I'd tell her to insist that her partner be treated whether or not he had symptoms, or was testing positive.

You wore a condom, though, which means you couldn't get trich. Don't even need to worry about it.
Ok one more question and ill be on my way. Is it possible to get trichomoniasis orally or from oral sex? I read alot of mixed info on it
And can a female reinfected herself while on treatment through a taking a bath?
No to the bath. She already has it, and the antibiotic would cure it.

As to oral sex, I've seen one study that has one case of it happening, but I would call that rare enough to not worry about. Trich isn't that common to start with. With as many people that engage in oral sex, if oral trich was an issue, we'd see it a lot more.
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