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Two red/white bumps under the skin of penis. Syphilis?

Hi. I have been having 2 small bumps on my penis for over a week now. When I touch them they feel like they are under the skin. However the bumps are somewhat hard and raised. Depends on the lighting, it can look white or red. I can't say the color for sure.

Can they be the chancre of primary stage syphilis? Thanks
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First off, what was your risk?

Also it doesnt sound like syphilis at all. This starts by causing a round, often painless open blister/sore above on the skin where the infection starts.

Your symptoms do not sound like any STI. if painful I would consult a doctor.
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I visit escorts regularly(unprotected oral and protected vagina sex). Honestly they looked like pimples to me
Until I've read online describing a chancre as "firm, round , small and painless". I thought a chancre looks like an open red wound?
Oral isnt a good way to transmit STIs and using condoms greatly lowers risks.

Google "Chancre". That is what primary syphilis looks like.
There's still protected vaginal. Yes I've googled it and they look completely different.

However pictures on google often look more serious and "exaggerated" regarding to std in my experience. So it isnt the case here?
Look up Fordyce spots and see if those fit. But really, you should get this checked out by your doctor.
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Edit: When I try to move the penos skin the bumps move as well
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