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Urethra discomfort/pain

Good morning guys, first I want to thank you for your hard work. I'm here because I'm still having urethral issues. Auntijessi helped me a lot out on the herpes forum. So 17 weeks ago I recieved unprotected oral, also had protected vaginal sex with an ex friend. She is HSV2 + but this nightmare is over since I've tested so many times @5,10.5,12.2,12.3 and 16.2w/d. After encounter. I'm here due to my urethra symptoms.

So 2 weeks after the encounter I was treated with 1 shot and 4 pills. All my tests came back negative for stds. Drs treated me anyways. Symptoms did not improve.

5 weeks after the encounter urologist put me on doxy for 2 weeks, finished the entire course as prescribed.

Weeks 7 I had a semen, urethral and urine culture. Semen and urine clear but urethral culture came back positive with >100,000 CFL with E. Coli.

8 weeks after exposure was put on cipro for 2 weeks and also finished the course as prescribed.

I'm still having issues with my urethra sometimes during and sometimes 5-15 after I urinate and sometimes I don't have any issues. I believe I have NGU from the unprotected oral.

So I have some questions, questions that I've asked my drs and they look at me like if I were talking to them in some other language.
1. If I was treated for stds even when the results came back negative, would that affect the incubation period?
2. Can the antibiotics treatment at the 2nd week made resistance to the any std?
3. How do you test for NGU?
4. Can taking antibiotics prevent any std to grow? Or stop it?
I guess my concern or fear is that received treatment while all my std tests were negative. I don't know if this is actually messing up the urine cultures.

Thank you guys, just don't know were to turn to. My drs are really bad and honestly I feel lost since I can get any answers plus if you ask or request something they get offended.
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You really do have terrible doctors. I'm sorry you're still going through this. :(
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If you test while on or close to antibiotics, the yes. Wait 4 weeks and test for MG.
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First bit of urine of the morning.
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So I have another question, I received azithromycin already which is what kills it. Would that treatment interfere with the urine results?
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Figures. I’d be off of antibiotics and test FVU for MG.
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Stay off antibiotics for at least 4 weeks, 6 would be better. Test for mycoplasma genitalium. This is key, test the first little bit of urine of the morning after you wake up only.
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Thank you for your response. I was tested for it too and both came back negative as well.  My urine was supposed to be cultured las week but it did not reflex. That was almost 5 weeks after my last pill of ciprofloxacin.
Ok, you’re sure it was MG. I’ve seen many people test for “mycoplasma” and it turns out the doc tested for mycoplasma hominis.

It might be worth testing again in another 4-5 weeks so long as you’re not on any antibiotics.

I’d also investigate ureaplasma.
You're right, I was tested for mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma urealyticum.
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