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Hi  . so at 3am I started receiving oral from,a female she was very aggressive . we continued to have sex until 5am . I left for home at 6 when I got home I went to the bathroom and noticed I felt sore . when I looked down my vagina (my clit and above I was all red a super swollen .the crease at the top of your vagina between your lips was bleeding and all white . during the end of oral it started to hurt she was sucking so hard . and on my inner lip I had to white bumps firm .,size of a pen head . can a std show up within 2.5 to 3 hrs ? The crease is now dark red as if the blood dried . the swelling has gone away but the two white bumps are still there . does this seem like trauma ?
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yes it surly does! no std shows up that quickly.
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I felt it during oral .. I was like ok don't be delusional it may be a std but all of what I read of symptoms show of most std'd its usually 2 days the earliest .. And from what I read oral sex is "less risky" you can get ghsv1 from oral but that's about it no?
What might the 2 white bumps be? I don't have insurance so you guys are the best I have . the white bumps are tender and firm . are the bumps are red but I don't know if its from the bumps or the trauma . also sex happend this past Saturday am and Saturday am when I got home is when I noticed it . also the area that was swollen and red (my clot and above ) i had this stringy yellow stuff that came from the red area . this was not discharge ! It did not come from my vaginal  am opening .. The stringy stuff subsided after the first day of sex
Oral sex is less risky than penetrative vaginal or anal sex.

No STD shows up within minutes or hours. You're correct that it's at least 2 days, at the absolute minimum. The white bumps are likely irritated oil glands - we all have them, and because of the trauma, they might be a little swollen and irritated.

I don't know what the stringy stuff was - could have been dried saliva mixed with skin cells and blood.

You don't mention if you enjoyed this or not, so I want to say that if you didn't, you should know that you can always stop something you don't like. Some people like pain, and that's okay, but if you don't, make sure you are comfortable advocating for yourself and saying no or stop when it doesn't feel good.
It smelled just like pus and no I didn't enjoy it .. It hurt during and the trauma after was a sob. . typically i don't use soap on my vag but I decided to just now . I just got out of the shower and while in I put some soap on my hand and washed my bag with it and a round the white bumps to make sure they weren't sores because i assume soap would burn sores and I had no irritation u can feel the firmness of the bumps . everything is 95% better . I have been having a itch maybe is should take some yeast meds ?so I should should let this go and quit obsessing lol ?
Give it a day or two before using yeast meds. Yeast meds can be really irritating, and the itch could be just from things healing. If by Saturday you're feeling itchy or have a discharge, then maybe try the yeast meds.

In the meantime, you can use a clean ice pack to help with things. Use a bag of frozen veggies (peas work best since they don't have sharp edges), or ice, or anything frozen, and wrap them in a clean towel, and apply it for no longer than 20 min. That will help with any inflammation and itching.

Don't do too many things out of the ordinary - if you aren't used to soap, that could cause a yeast infection, and lord knows you don't need that right now. Just be gentle with yourself, and give it time to heal.

Never hesitate to say stop or just push someone off if you don't like what they're doing. If you say stop and they don't, that's a different issue, and we have resources for that if you need it.

Hugs for you!
Thanks ..
Hi there .. So bumps are gone .. Itch is pretty much gone but the crease above clot (') were the coma is at between the two parenthesis .. Is were the tear is.. It look like a Deep gash ..how do i heal it .
Everyday I shower and by the next morning my vagina smells so bad
My vag smells really bad . no clumpy cm , no cm at all really just thin and white if anything .. Itch has gone away its just slightly there ..
How are you now? If you still have an odor, it's time to see the doc. It could be yeast or BV.
No odor is gone . itch is gone . every thing is gone . the slit (') is pretty much gone .. I'm  good now  lol . why is it taking so long for the slit to heal (')
Well, it's where the urine comes out, it's where you wipe. Even if you do nothing except normal day to day stuff, it still gets activity.

There may be a tear there, too, or a few. If it's not better in a couple of days, see a doctor. You need to make sure there's not an infected tear or anything. :(
No the tears was above the clit no other tears I'm very intuned with my body .. Vag feels normal again . it never burned when I peed.. The redness and trauma was mainly around the clit that's where she was mainly sucking
" or anything thing " lol if I have oral again with her and this happened again .. what else may the tear be for future refrence since its pretty much gone other the, trauma
Oh I missed what you meant by slit. I'm sorry.

If you have oral sex with her again, and she performs it like she did again, the same thing could happen - she could cause rips, tears or sores in your thin tissues.

As far as STDs, receiving oral sex puts you at risk for genital herpes type 1, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia aren't likely for women, or those who have vaginas, because those reside in the throat. Oral sex on a penis puts the penis in pr close to the throat. That doesn't happen with oral on a vagina, reducing the risk.

If you enjoyed it, wonderful. Just be aware of the risks. If you didn't, I hope you say no, or tell her to ease up and do it how you want. If this is a situation where you are being forced, please know there are resources for you, and we can help.
I already have ghsv1 have had it for 11 years . since i don't really have to worry about the other two . should I be worried about syphilis? How is syphilis transmitted through oral if its mainly a genital infection . if I'm wrong please correct me lol I won't get offended .. Also if 1 shows symptoms what would they be ? Do u think I had a high risk exposure with her?
Syphilis sores can be in the mouth or on the genitals. If the woman giving you oral only gives oral to women, she probably won't get a syphilis sore in her mouth. Syphilis is uncommon anyway.

STD transmission between women (or two people with vaginas, however they identify) is very low. If you already have ghsv1, I wouldn't really worry about anything else.  I don't know if you know this, but you are probably not going to ever transmit your ghsv1 to anyone. All you need to do is avoid sex when you have an outbreak, if you get outbreaks. A recent study found that people with ghsv1 for more than 2 years shed the virus about 4 days a year, so you're basically not infectious unless you're having an outbreak.

Most experts have never seen anyone transmit ghsv1 to anyone, either to someone's mouth or genitals.

I don't think you had a high risk STD exposure to her. I'm more concerned that you didn't enjoy it and will do it again, and the implications of that. You don't seem to want to address that, and that's fine, so I'll leave it, but if there's more to the story, and you ever need resources for anything, feel free to send me a PM.
Yea I do have it confirmed via swab and yes she is gay gay .. Yes ill probably do it again but I told u have to be more gentle or im going to stop you right in your tracks . & no one ever told me that regarding ghsv1 .. Thank u . now that I think about it may be the slit I had was an outbreak ? Its gone now
You could have had an outbreak, or it might have just been a tear. Or both - trauma to the area can trigger an outbreak. You'll likely never know now. I'm just really glad it's all healed up. :)

If she is "gay gay" lol, then the chances of you getting an STD from her are really, really low. Women who have sex with women have the lowest STD rates of any population.

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