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Yeast or std

So almost a week ago i had protected sex with a guy. I was a bit dry and the sex was very rough but i noticed later that evening my vuala felt very irritated and by monday i had what I presume is a yeast infection (white chunky discharge, irritated and itchy vuala). Ive been using medication for it and it has been working however im a bit nervous if it could be a std. The reason being a year ago a person i trusted and i had protected sex but the condom slipped (he knew & didn't stop) and about 2 weeks  later i got a nasty what i presumed yeast infection, come to find out it was trich so i always a bit untrusting of ppl. This guy has told me he gets tested every 3 months but showed me no physical proof. Im not 100% sure if it's a std because i never heard of a std symptoms appearing 7 hours after sex. I just wanted to ask you guys since you guys have more knowledge if i should get tested
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Hi you are correct that no std shows up 7 hours later.Also using the condom would prevent std,s that cause urethrea infections like gono and chlamdia. I would agree its yeast from the time line involved and also him using a condom. dave
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