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possible std?

     So about a week ago I engaged in sexual contact, our actual intercourse was protected, but oral and foreplay were not, which is where my paranoia ques in.
     The day after I noticed a few red bumps about the size of peas in and around my bikini line, a couple painful but didn't worry me as I had previously shaved a few days before so I thought they were just shaving bumps from irritation or chafing since I have very sensitive skin, so I picked at them, no pus or blood, kind of just like a little cyst. Fast forward to Sunday I was feeling very tired and my throat and nasal felt very dry and raw, bumps still there, painful, but scabbing over. This morning I woke up, full blown tonsillitis. I have a stiff sore neck with swollen lymph nodes, slight fever and I'm very tired.
     I'm now very worried that I may have contracted something from the guy I was with :/
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Hi, oral can carry a risk of STD infection.  Symptoms are notoriously unreliable.  Your symptoms dont sound like STD just some common infection.  Herpes causes bumps as do other STDS but illness usually happens BEFORE the blisters.
Also many women when infected with an STD are usually asymptomatic.
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