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Chances of pregnancy from backwards condom

Wondering if anyone can quell my concerns.  I was putting a condom on, realized as I attempted to unroll it it was backwards and wouldn't unroll, so turned it around, put it on properly, and about a minute later had vaginal sex.  I do not know if any of my pre-ejaculatory fluid (precum) got on what was now the outside of the condom before I had sex, as I did not see any on my penis before I was attempting to put the condom on, but can't be sure.  I had urinated within the hour before sex, probably at least 30 mins before.  What are the chances of the woman getting pregnant from this?  

If it factors in, two days later the woman was mentioning she was feeling emotional/hormonal due to her period coming on, so as far as I know she was beginning her period, which I should assume means we're in the clear.  There's no chance she was becoming hormonal from pregnancy that soon after sex I assume.  Also assume she knows her body and knows that that was her period coming on.  Should I have any concerns
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Was it tight at the end? Probably did the same thing (like a backward sock).  You can have her take a test 2 weeks after it happened.  But doubt she's pregnant.
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I hadn't unrolled it down.  Went to push it on, felt the resistance, then flipped it around to put on the correct way
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