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How to get my wife to squirt? She wants too?

How do I get my wife to squirt when she orgasms? She has intense orgasms and multiple but can't squirt....and we both want her too. Any good suggestions?
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you cant make her squirt. not a lot of girls can. sorry
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I happened to discover that I can only by chance, long long after I have been having sex. The only thing is that once that happened, it will carry on happening every time the woman will have an orgasm. It's quite messy and it's hard to have sex discreetly without leaving some hard core evidence. It can damage furnitures if your not careful, so I don't know if you really want that from your wife.
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i wish i could lend my husband out.... he's an expert at it  i feel guilty when i read these and hear my girlfriends complain .... however...i went many years and a bad hub and relationships before i met this wonderful GIVING man!  for the guy who wants to with his wife.... tease the crap out of her   without touching her..... have a few minutes of sex.... dont ***... and then reach in and lightly quickly rub her g spot which will be hard... now... he also does something with the tilt of his finger and hand  and as im on the receiving end and have never GIVEN ...lol its the best way i can describe it... he wont tell me and ive TRIED to figure it out on my own.... but i cant... (he says that way i will never leave him....and he's RIGHT! LOL)  ITS MIND BLOWING  every time and very very messy.... lol.... the sheets are always ruined after sex... and we are very active.... hope that helps....
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My wife unable to squirt ...... she squirt while she playing herself with a dildo in a doggy style. But when I f**k her in different positions she never squirt but she having orgasm 6 to 7 times a row. We tried every positions and hard and soft sex also. She having multiple orgasms but unable to squirt...my wife wants too but she can't...

Any suggestions pls...
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It is possible that your penis is blocking the flow,I have the same issue,so my boyfriend pills out when I start to orgasm during intercourse and ever since I have had no problem,plus it feels amazing to have that release. Good luck,hope this helps!
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Thank u... I tried but fail... she feels like pee every time during sex then I speed up, she orgasms very well but never squit.. I think women squirt while mastubate not while having sex.
Use three fingers. Finger wife as hard and fast as possible. This will make her squirt. U might think that your fingering her too hard. BUT the more presure the more squirt  try it trust me she'll love it
That's not true!!! I'm a squirter and I despise being fingered!
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There are a lot of women that cannot. A guy I’ve been seeing has wanted me to but I can not. I thought something was wrong but many women are unable to.
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EVERY WOMAN IS CAPABLE OF SQUIRTING (said my boyfriend confidently after I told him I don't squirt). It's certainly easier for some than others but everyone can squirt. I am also on the receiving end but from what I observe the sure fire way has been when I'm on my back he puts 2 fingers in palm up, and flexes. With fingers flexed and maintaining a decent amount of pressure, he quickly (but not painfully) fingers me. It's difficult, you have to get the pressure right, the vigorous thrusting of the fingers, but not too crazy.  I've had exes try that same technique, and fail, and try or succeed by accident 1 or 2 times lol. But what a glorious slice of heaven that'll be for your wife! Best of luck, more excuses to practice!
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I squirt after being taken to the edge and then pulled back several times during a session. Happens every time I have a prolonged session without being allowed to come. Try it out girls x
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Try a forced orgasm. You can Google it but basically bind her hands and use a toy and tease the hell out of her and hold of orgasm for a while. Then she might squirt but not all women can.
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I am pretty sure that when a women squirts, its a mix of urine and ***. I have only done it from a vibrator and yea it was definitely partly  urine. I have tested this a few times.  I have spoke to many of my friends that have ever done this and they said the same thing, that it's a mix of urine. My man can make me multiple orgasm. I don't think it's the man. Oh and in the porno film.... It's urine. Look. It up. So don't feel bad. Guys can do. It too and I don't mean just ejaculating I mean it's like a hose all. Mixed together. Lol anyways look into it. Most of the time time it's urine.
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I'm a squirter but my 1st time, I don't know what was done by my mate. Nothing different or spectacular. I didn't and can't feel it when I'm "just" squirting. It's not urine, unless urine can come out and from the vaginal. It's odorless mostly, unless I do it back to back to back and it may smell like ammonia, maybe? But not as strong. If I squirt while I'm having an orgasm. The feeling is ultimate!!! I'll share what works for me. I have to be talked to. Tell me how good this px'xxy feels. How sexy I am. How pretty my tixxies are between you kissing me, sucking deeply, yet softly and passionately on my neck. Suck  on my nipples then towards the side of my breast to actually trying to suck the entire breast. I must watch you while you are doing this. Men either have your eyes closed or look directly, intensely back into her eyes. This is in the traditional positition for me. The rhythm is in sync, slow and easy or fast and hard. As he pulls back, Im moving in or forward. As he moves back in, I move back as to relax, take and enjoy the feel. It's almost as if we are moving opposite to each other but together. A few minutes of this, simultaneous. I can sort of feel it building up. Don't stop or change anything or positions. And men don't ***, hold it as you will feel the contracting of her vaginal. I relax, lift my legs wide, with the bare of my feet facing the ceiling and boom. I explode!!! The slimy, gooey and the gush of waterlike fluids just release.  After my mate perfect it, he can gently pull my hair or run his fingers thru it. Hands around my neck but not actually choking me along with all above mentioned.
I'll update you on what works for me orally later.
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Squirting goes along with urine.  They come from almost the same area.  Drinking a good amount of water before sex helps you to be wet.  When you feel like you are going to peering sex, you are squirting.  If unsure get something to put under you to release.  After you get the feeling acknowledged you will want to again and if you feel like you need to push do so.  Having the woman in a position where she has less thrusting control helps.  The fast fingering is know as fingering the g spot.  You can look that up.  Figuring the g spot for a woman is the same feeling a man feels when masturbating.
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just my spin on squirting have made several Ladies  squirt who never did love oral and sucking on their clit the gal I am with now and love very much has started squirting for me and man it feels so good and is awesome to see but have to admit after  several episodes of it the bed is really soaked up as we aren't married to each other we use hotel so no big deal but could be in a bed at home but well worth the trouble and FYI my **** is smaller but makes her a happy camper and her husband is hung  but don't do much for her
her husband?  Trying not to judge but you are being used for sex.  Squirting or most women is peeing, just saying.
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The best advice I can give would be to read "Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot" by Deborah Sundahl.  It is informative and dispels a lot of mythology that is still masquerading as  science in some places.  Most women can ejaculate, but it may take some time.  People can have inhibitions that they may not even be aware of.  The book gives specific instructions about how you can work together to achieve the result you want.

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