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I started masterbation when i was 13 now am 19 can i really stop this???

I want to stop masterbation
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That's an issue of self control I'd think.  Although having hormones and wanting to release is pretty normal.
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I agree, GuitarRox, it’s a normal desire. Pattybarry, why do you feel the need to stop? If you’re in a situation where you feel you’re masturbating excessively & it’s interfering with other aspects of your life (work, socializing, etc.), then I could understand. Otherwise, it’s quite normal & I’m not sure you should feel the need to stop entirely. If it’s become excessive, the key is simply mideration, not total abstinence. Even most guys in a relationship & having regular intercourse or other types of partner sex continue to masturbate. It’s not harmful in & of itself, although there’s always the porn aspect, which can be a problem. Dr’s & Psychologisrs once regarded it as abnormal, but the thinking on that has changed drastically over the decades, and it’s now universally regarded as normal & even beneficial. Guys who are not in a relationship need to ‘flush out the pipes’ at least every few days to a) keep the system in good working order & b) there’s strong evidence that regular ejaculation helps lower the risk of prostate cancer by flushing out toxins that build up over time.
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