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I've tested my theory, maybe a squirter?

So, i've asked a question a few weeks ago about this... and I am now dating a guy and the first time we've actually had sex was yesterday, when we have done other stuff prior to that, if he was fingering me i always felt as if i had to pee (i never told him, i would lie and say i came) and what not... I finally told him what i do, and he's said that when we do finally decide to have sex he does not care if i pee or not, and he highly doubted it was pee... So when we did have sex i got that feeling, and i told him to stop so i could go peee... i run to the bathroom.. and i did not !! i was confused i still had the sensation but no pee, then it went away and i went back to having sex, he told me not to worry and we can always clean up the mess, and then i "peed", it didn't feel like i was, after the fact.. and did it 3 more times ! After i was a little embarrassed and my legs were quite shaky (first time ever feeling this way)
He tells me its alright but i am not sure !
So my question is, kinda obvious but i need reinsurance am i a squirter? and what is the liquid we squirt?
is this at all a turn on, because just because my boyfriend now likes it... will (if i ever have another) enjoy it too?
and Do all girls "squirt"?
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Hi Smiley, sounds like its just female ejectulation, if its a clear liquid slightly sticky, then thats what it is, some women get this and produce a lot of it, so no need to worry you are one of the lucky ones who can do it.
Good Luck
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my partner squirts like that - but you are lucky,  a large majority of women have difficulty getting wet enough to have good sex.  nothing wrong with it - keep lots of extra sheets in your closet for use afterwards! :-) enjoy yourself!
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