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Weird ER experience

hello, im a college student and has had digestive health issues for a few years now. I was taking a medicine where the side effect was utis and they recurred after taking antibiotics and I just thought that it was my medicine. I also been on a medicine that made me constipated for 11 days so I went to the er for both issues. long story short, the doctor said my urine was clean but she still wanted to treat me for chlamydia even though my urine was clean and she did a pelvic exam. I never experienced going to the doctor and being treated for something they didn't even know I had or not. Ive been with the same partner and only had one partner and he was just tested on campus and everything was fine. the doctor said I would get the results in a 1 or 2 but I don't understand why they treated me for something that seemed to not fit what was going on. I guess the felt the tension and she sent in a different doctor who said that it could be my intestines pushing on my bladder that is giving me the slight discomfort but they still treated me for chlamydia anyway. I just feel like it was kind of uncalled for considering the background info I gave them and also she didn't even suggest it being anything else, all she mentioned was an std. I just want some feed back about this. again, my urine was clean and my pelvic exam she said everything seemed normal.
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I guess she is on a campaign to treat the most common STD out there which does not even cause symptoms all the time, but can cause pelvic pain.  I'm sorry she made you feel that way.  
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Sometimes even if you are free from infection, the treatment is carried out further for few days just to ensure that you are completely free from the infection.
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You should have received a call from the ER telling you your culture results; that is common practice in the US.  Give them a call during off-peak hours, ask to speak to a nurse and ask what were the results of the culture (you will need the date you were seen and your medical record number).  They can look this up in their computer to see the results.  If they tell you that you have to complete papers to obtain medical records, then just ask them, "was I treated appropriately for the disease the doctor thought I had" and see what they say.  If they still give you a hard time, then complete the paperwork for medical records and then you will know if you actually had the disease or was the doctor over-reacting, and if you had the disease were you given the correct treatment.  You would know if you were given the right treatment if you symptoms are better and you should have been instructed to follow up with you doctor.

Let us know if you have any questions.
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