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trich.. overthinking..

Since summer i have been suffering with severe vulva itching. So naturally i went to my gp and they did a full sti screening exam to be on the safe side as i had a one night stand (my only one ever not that it matters) and everything came back negative.. this testing was done three months after the encounter btw.
So we presumed it was thrush and i got prescribed meds. However the itching came back.. i had recently got a boyfriend who tested clear for stis and everything btw, and after intercourse my vulva would burn for a while after it.

So the fact i had this come and go itch and the worry of oh is my vagina gona burn after sex or not i was becoming more anxious and distressed
In September i went to another doctor and they did a swab to check for thrush but it came back normal, however upon physical exam and even after the swab said negative the doctor was convinced it was still thrush. Few more months went by and i dealt with the itch.. it came and went but was mostly present.
Then at christmas it got worse. I had discharge aswell and i decided i wanted it settled once and for all. So i requested to have a culture done and it came back that i had thrush. Which is a huge relief and im currently on meds for it

However my mind has been racing and googling the last few months .. as The three things i kept seeing when i googled itch was yeast bv and trich

I did very rarely get an itchy inner thigh.. low and behold a symptom of trich

And tmi after i peed sometimes there would be the mildest yellowish very very light speak of light green on the toilet paper. This only happened once or twice ... i dont know if it has ever happened before because to be completely honest i have never payed much attention to anything down there until after that stupid one night stand and i convinced myself i have to have caught something despite being tested and the guy insisting he has also been checked and cleared

So anyway in summary..

However ive had the full sti screen, a swab in September and a culture done at christmas

The culture showed i have thrush

But im still overthinking wondering would trich have shown up in those tests and could i have it? Is it something you need to specifically ask to be tested for?

But if that was the case not everyone knows to ask for it and then loads of people would be walking around misdiagnosed etc..

As you can see im a worrier and full of guilt after my one night stand i think aswell

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