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Mole with a whitehead

I have a mole on my back.  I have no idea if it has been there my entire life or not. (I cannot see my back very well).  I noticed about a month ago that I had a little pain on my back (like a pimple).  I had my mother in law look at it and she said it looked like a pimple or an irritated mole.  Since then, I had not noticed an discomfort for a few weeks and kind of forgot about it until yesterday.  It again is very sore and has a white puss-like head in the center of it.  The area around the white is very red and slightly inflamed.  I do not have a dermatologist or health insurance right now.  I did call a local dermatologist to schedule an appointment, but it takes over two months to get in!  I very concerned and want to see a doctor asap.  Has anyone else ever had symptoms like this?  
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