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Always sleep deprived for decades but now too much sleep? Is it possible?

If I can remember and count how many times I have had good sleeps during my entire life, you can tell that I have been pretty much sleep deprived.

The first time that I had a good night sleep was, at 27 of age, when I transported my belongings for 10 round trips with a compact car, moved without an elevator or tools from the ground to 2nd floor ( never before felt so exhausted and weak right after done moving).

Then the only good night sleeps I have had was right after 18-20 hours of flying without much sleep (even though I always got up many hours before the birds did, at least I felt rested with deep sleep).

I have had sleep problems.  I have no problem falling asleep, but keep myself sleep is the problem.  Waking up after a couple of hours of light sleep during a night happened 4-5 days a week.  I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep until one hour before the alarm going off.

Thus, I have tried various supplements with various dosage for a while.  I guess I am settling down now with 50mg 5-HTP and 100gm L-Theanine.  Although it's not the best I can ever feel especially the mornings, this is still the best concoction among everything I've tried,  

Saturday and Sunday mornings I slept in half or an hour more.  I found out that some weekend mornings even till late afternoon, my forehead hurts a little, very mild but foggy.  Because I always have had 8 hours full in bed with very lousy sleep quality without the sleep aids before, I figured that 8hr is the minimum that I need in bed.

It becomes a habit, with or without sleeping aids, I stay in bed at least 8 hours (with the mind of compensating the terrible quality sleep for my entire life).  So, my Saturday and Sunday I stay in bed for 8.5 or 9 hrs.  Still, without the alarm, I cannot be awaken on my own.  Even after 8.5 or 9 hr in bed, I felt like more sleeping in when the alarm goes off!!!!

That seems to be one of my sleep problems too that I rarely can feel enough sleep and wakeup without the alarm, no matter what!  I hardly can remember that I had the ability to be awaken in the morning on my own feeling refreshed.  The only time I would wake up on my own without the sleep aids was during the nights after only a couple of hours of sleep.

Thus, I hardly ever dreamed, for I have always had very shallow sleep never going to the 3rd stage of sleep.  Always feeling tired in the mornings.

Now that I am using the sleeping aids, I dream, YEAH!!!  Feeling that I have better sleep, despite of toss and turns still happenings quite often.  This is now the best condition I can have.

So......... am I sleeping too much now on weekends?  

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Couple of comments.  Usually consistency with sleep-wake timing optimizes both sleep and waking performance.  Esp important is wake time without sleeping in or napping later.  

Second, no herbal or supplement has been found effective for chronic insomnia.  There's usually better ways.

If you have no underlying untreated med issues causing this, then use of a CBT sleep training system is the standard of care.  Substance free permanent solution for most.
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