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But I feel like such an insomniac.

When I try to go to sleep, I can't fall asleep for a good three hours after the time I lay down in bed. I have started going to bed earlier and earlier to try and relax so I can fall asleep sooner, but it seems that I just end up laying awake until my usual time anyway. I almost always oversleep, aswell. I am often late to school and if Im not late, I dont have much time to spare before I am. During the day I'm almost always drowsy, I sometimes fall asleep in class, and I have memory problems. I don't know what's wrong, so I don't know what to do about it. Help?
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Try this an hour before you go to bed: fresh ginger shaved or sliced, placed in a tea/coffee cup with hot water, allow ginger to steep.  Drink.  or juice fresh fruit and add a good amount of ginger,drink.  This is a very natural sleep food.  Within thirty minutes you'll feel your body relax so go to bed and then within the hour you should be asleep.  Now don't sit and worry about tomorrow - it will be here soon enough and you can worry about the day in the morning after you've slept well and can think better.  You are loved.  Goodnight.
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You might have a high nighttime cortisol. I do so I take ashwagandha, and Indian herb. It is soothing, but is not a sleeping pill. There are no side effects.
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@Survingthebugs65, thaaankyou! I tried that last night and it worked great. You are loved also, goodnight. (:

@Allmymarbles, thank youu also (: where do you get that? And how long does it take to start relaxing you?
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