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I am unable to wake which causes me to panic.

I have always had these times at least once a week where I think I am waking up, literally get out of bed and go on with my day only to realize I am still asleep and wake up again. This usually goes on about 5 or 6 times all the while I am fighting my hardest to shake myself awake. These occurances are happening more often and I am wondering if there is a name for this and a way to stop it because it causes me to have panic attacks.
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With any sleep related thing, see a sleep specialist! This is vital.
Similar things happen to me as I have narcolepsy, but it very well may be something else. Do see a doctor.
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I've had times when I'm aware of things and cant wake myself, times I wake in a panic and take long to calm myself, and times when I hallucinate when I am sleepy. Not so uncommon.
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