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Strange sleep disorder?

Whilst my boyfriend is sleeping he has episodes where he seems like he's awake and does strange things, like looks for spiders, sees people in the room and last night he took my arm and was feeling my bones. At one point he pinned me down because he thought I was hurting him. He doesn't remember any of this. We went to a neurologist and she couldn't pin point what it was as its closest to REM sleep disorder but it does not meet a lot of the criteria. He said he's had this since he was young. I'm worried that in the future if he dreams about someone killing me and I hug him at night he might think I'm a threat. Has anyone come across this?
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Oh gosh, I can definitely see your worry.  Truth . . . I used to do this.  We called it sleep waking but I would be out of bed doing things.  Once I was hitting my husband over the head with my pillow saying "you have to use your thinking cap" . . . . have no idea what that was about as we'd been married about a month at that time (hadn't had long enough to get too mad at him yet, lol).  I have woken WHILE running down my street.  I have taken a month to find something I put somewhere when asleep.  Once I woke up with the whole contents of a drawer in the kitchen in bed with me!  I kid you not.  It was crazy.  But it stopped for me.  ??  Does the neurologist have any ideas to help?  Would more physical activity during the day help, earlier bed time, no alcohol, things like that possibly help for a deeper sleep?  I have not slept walked in probably 10 years.  

I would be concerned because he laid hands on you.  I definitely see your point.  That amps up your need for answers.  I know where I live we have a university hospital. They have a department where they do sleep studies to learn more about what is going on.  I'd consider asking the neurologist or looking for this yourself.  I'd explain to the neurologist that you are worried about your safety for when he is sleeping.  This may grab the attention so they truly find a way to dig deeper to help resolve this.  Let me know what you think of what I've written!
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Hi, thank you for your comment.
My boyfriend hardly drinks alcohol or has caffeine, he's a magician and a dj so he does shift work and often goes to sleep late at night whilst as he comes home and needs to 'cool down' by playing video games. He was meant to clean up his sleep hygiene although it doesn't happen all the time even when his sleep/wake pattern is consistent. We have mentioned the concern of safety, both from my view and his. She has sent a referral for a sleep study in a hospital. I am a MSc student, so will probably seek the healthcare research department and see whether they'll be able to help at all.

We definitely want to know how to control this, especially for the future when we have children and I assume he's getting up to cuddle the baby but is actually seeing things instead.  
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Oh, I'm really glad that he is going to do a sleep study!!!  

I will say because I have sons that love their X Box that I've read about how gaming can increase brain activity (stimulate it). Something about the flashing of lights and speed of things moving/changing.  Maybe he could unwind with a book?  Movie?  (although the blue light or is it white?  I forget . . . but that tv light can also stimulate the brain.  Doesn't really for me but I've read that).

I also worked at night for awhile and it was tough.  It IS hard to unwind sometimes.  That's probably his only option now?  Or what he wants to do?  Anyway, getting into a set routine will help.  

Ya, I agree. That he touches you is concerning.  I'd be a little afraid to sleep next to him.  LOL  Which is unfortunate.  Give the sleep study people and your research department a call to set up a time to get this rolling.  Sooner is better, I'm sure!  Keep me up to date!
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