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Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome and odd symptoms

I had a sleep study in March 2018. 4.7 AHI and 18 RDI. Sleep doc said I didn't have sleep apnea, but noted my heavily scalloped tongue as a classic sign of sleep apnea. Large amount of RERAs as noted from the sleep chart:


I apparently have Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome given the RERAs. My sleep is not refreshing. I got a stomach bug February 1 and my stomach and GI tract have been all messed up since. An Upper Endoscopy revealed an inflamed stomach lining (Gastritis). I've been to the ER 3 times over the past few months for panic attacks that I have no history of in my life at 37 years old. I've been reading that UARS can cause all sorts of crazy symptoms like this. I've had rapid heartbeats, feeling like I can't breathe on certain days (not enough air feeling even when I am breathing okay) and such. Lately I've had this pressure in my ears like someone is pulling downwards on either side of my neck. Blood pressure is up high sometimes and low other times, then normal other times. I feel dizzy and lightheaded some days.

I have CPAP (Air Sense 10 Autoset), but lately with my body in "fight or flight" mode so much, I get anxiety just putting the mask on. I didn't for months before. I get anxiety before and during taking a shower. A SHOWER. Pretty sure that this is all related to my sleep problems. It is exacerbating my GI problems from the stomach bug.

Pretty sure that I need BiPap instead of CPAP. The exhale pressure is too high on CPAP even with the EPR maxed at 3 and a setting of 7cm to 9cm. I've read that someone had anxiety on CPAP and switched to BiPap and it was fine. There are times when I feel so tired that I could faint.

Has anyone had any similar crazy symptoms like this?
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Be sure to continue working with your doc.  Your nonsleep issues suggest hyperarousal, likely resulting from excessive stress and/or anxiety, so you'd be well advised to work on managing that as well.  
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I've been using CPAP, but it isn't working. I have Gastritis on top of the sleep issues now. There's some disagreement. For instance, I was going to start off with a Type 2 home sleep study via a mail-order place. It records 20 channels worth of data, including head electrodes, but I can put it on myself at home. From my research, apparently most people do not sleep well in in-lab studies and get just a few hours of sleep. Some say that I need BiPap with the lower expiratory pressure that CPAP can't do. A lead sleep tech told me that CPAP should work fine for my issues. I have good AHI numbers, but it isn't helping those RERAs. Going to find a good local sleep doc that treats them.
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