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carpet fiber waving

I fell asleep in a chair, upon waking up, the back of my neck was pinched backwards with my head leaning back and down. There was now head rest on back of chair.

Looking out around the room everything was normal, but when I looked down by my feet,while still sitting in same chair, a small area of the carpet was jiggling, or small waves. after a few minutes, it cleared up.

Would my head and neck being stretched way back-uncomfortably-have something to do with this?
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I don't fully understand your description of your body contortions when sleeping in a chair, but if you are not having any more vision problems, that may be the cause of what you saw in the carpet.

I'd avoid falling a sleep in without having some head support.
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Thanks for the reply Jerry.

I think your right, I haven't had anymore carpets waving. Also, I haven't been sleeping in that chair either. It must have had something to do with it being there was not enough head and neck support.

Thanks for you time.
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