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lots of clots and blood in semen

Hi!  I'm STRESSED!!  I don't have a family doctor, nor do I have insurance.  With that said, I've been going to a walk-in clinic for lower back pains and then a burning while urinating.  I was treated for a prostate infection, and the day after I finished the meds, a small clot came out after having sex.  Called and the dr said it was just the rest of the infection making it's way out.  OK.  Well, it's been about 2 months and no problems, until this morning when I had sex, ejaculated, and then found blood and MANY long blood clots coming out of me.  PANIC!!  No pain, though, and it goes away. After a few hours, I masturbate in hopes of it being cleared, but then see nothing BUT blood and clots.  It's not in my urine afterwards, and nothing feels much different, except a slight, constant ache in the groin area.  Is this prostate cancer?  The walk-in clinics do very little, if only just to give a temporary fix. What do I do and where do I go? I don't have insurance cause I don't know who to go through. Obviously, I need some sound advice.  So scared!
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