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Burning, tingling, pain in arms

I've been on Synthorid for 4 weeks now. Just diagnosed a litle over 4 weeks ago with Hashimoto's.Besides being too fatigued to drive, work, or even simply make it through the day, I'm having a horrible time still with mostly my arms.  Can barely move my arms and shoulders especially. Sometimes they feel totally paralyzed. They hurt, tingle, burn, ache and my wrists especially don't want to work. Does this get better, or is this something to always live with?
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Yep me too....my potassium was low....
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Did they check your other levels? Vit D, calcium, potassium, B12?

I had those symtoms when all of those levels were extremely low. Took the B12 shots (now on daily dosage of B12 OTC). Had to do the Vit D regime, and eat a lot of bananas.

Just a thought.

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