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Hi need help with blood results

hi, ive just got my results back , they were done as i have 3 cm goiter and few little nodules and in the past year i have 2 FNAs both negative for cancer, the nodule is follicular. Recently i feel i have been having hypo symptoms but here are my results
FT4       1.15ng/dl
TSH       2.18 ui/ml
TGab      122 ui/ml
TPO        15 ui/ml

i see my ft4, tsh and tpo are all within normal but my TGab is high what could this mean??

Thank you

I am asking you lovely people as i have recently moved to france and my french medical lingo isnt the best :-)

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No Free T3?  its hard to tell without Free T3 results, your FreeT4 is not bad, sometimes Nodules can secrete hormone on thier own in addition to the thyroid itself, but that would cause a high FT4 and a supressed TSH (very Low) and that would indicate Hyper not Hypo. Free T3 would tell the whole story if you could request they do the test. Your Free T4 could be fine, but if you have an issue converting  (Many Do) T4 to Free T3, then you would not know you have this problem without a T3 test, Your others labs would be fine, but you would feel like garbage becase T3 is the hormone your4 body needs to function and feel well. If you get this test, post results and reference ranges here. Then members can Advise and comment. Good Luck FTB4
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or is it not that high?

I hate my goiter grrrr :-)
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sorry the reference ranges are

FT4   0.93- 1.70
TSH   0.27 - 4.2
TGab  <115
TPO    <34
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Could you repost those results with the reference ranges that pertain to each. Thank FTB4
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