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Is it possible to be Hypo w/ TSH being normal range?

I have all the symptoms of Hypo--dry/itchy skin, unbelievably cold hands and feet, gaining weight for no reason lately, missed my period (NOT pregnant had tubes tied), major brain fog among others. Had TSH tested about 3 years ago which came back at 2.7. I have been reading on the internet (as my dr is no help) and read that the range has been lowered to 2.5 or 3.0 in some areas. I am in Canada and the range here is something like 0.3-5.0 which would make me "normal". I had an incident of becoming nauseous and losing over 30 lbs in one month (weighing only 102 lbs!) just after my son was born almost 4 years ago. Should I request to be tested again? Also, my PATERNAL Grandmother is Hypo, would that make me @ higher risk or would it have to be MATERNAL?
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Just my own understanding and thoughts only...

The lower numbers you mention are a target range for people already on thyroid meds - that's not you.  The 'normal' range numbers you mention are for people who are not already on thryoid meds but have no symptoms - that's also not you.  Since you are experiencing symptoms and it's been a while since you were tested, it might be wise to get another check-up.  At least it could put your mind at rest one way or the other.

Good luck.
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